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  1. damack

    not sure what to do

     ok so im a cook at a hotel... in the past month or so i have seen one of the wait stuff flirting with the other cook,no harm in that... but today he walks by me and says stay out of the walk in.. and i look over the they are both going in there. im not sure what to do. if i tell the chef he...
  2. damack

    knife sites

    hi guys i live in a tourists trap and i will pay rich house wife prices for any knifes i get out here any good sight that you can point me too. im looking for globals but will look at any sight because there are a few knifes i want to get
  3. damack

    opps in the kitchen at home

    so im at work a few weeks ago, and i keep getting calls from my wife and i keep ignoring them because she knows i dont answer calls at work, so after a while i pick it up and she left a pot on the stove at home that the water boiled out and dried up and, then it melted the aluminum in-between...
  4. damack

    got laid off

    hey guys i was hired into a fine dinning restraint about 6 months ago and we went from 120 a night to 30-to as low as 10 a night. so i was the last hired so i was laid off. it sucks. i have been looking at a lots of places and its really hard to find a job in the economy. any ideas any help...
  5. damack

    All done with school

    well im all done i finished school today i have a 5 week inturnship to go but my chef said he would let me do it there. im so ready to get out and start working and be done with school Alex
  6. damack

    where do you work

    i know we have a lot of people here i just wanted to see what kind of kitchens that we are working in and where we are all from.. also if there is a web-sight for you work please post it ill start it off buy saying im just finishing school(3 more weeks left) im working weekends in Napa Valley...
  7. damack

    i got a job

    so i have been working in pizza kitchens and bar kitchens for the last 7 years , so i started school about a year ago and going to be done in 8 more weeks, so i thought i would start looking at into new jobs, so recently my fenice and i have been looking at moving to Napa and she just got and...
  8. damack

    Ice cream

    hi guys i just got a ice cream maker for my house, i had a good recipe for a ice cream base but i cant find it, if any one has one that would be helpfull, today i did 1pt cream 1pt milk 7 yolks 5 oz sugar it wasn't sweat enough, so i know i need more sugar.
  9. damack

    moving to Napa need an intern sight

    ok i will be moving to napa mid August, i need to do a 5 week internship to finish school. i will be talking to my school and seeing if they have any connections in that area. but what im hopping is to get a job weekend job that i can drive up and start working as soon as i can. i would start...
  10. damack


    ok i bought a case about 60lbs for a party this last weekend and i still have about 15lbs left, any ideas for use of tri-tip other then grilling it and putting it in sandwiches, i was thinking maybe a pulled beef(like a pulled pork) let me know if you guys have any suggestions
  11. damack

    bought a new knife

    well i have been saving my tips up to get a better chefs knife. so today i bought a 11" global chefs knife and i love it. Global 11 inch Chef's Knife GL-G-17 on Sale with Free Shipping from MetroKitchen my other chefs knife is a 10" Mercer Mercer Cutlery Genesis 10-Inch Carving...
  12. damack

    i met Cat Cora today

    well my school brought in cat cora to do a cooking demo and give a talk, i thought that it was very interesting and. she talked about setting goals and and just going out and doing it instead of talking about doing it.
  13. damack

    your own personal garden

    hey guys wondering what you have in your own personal garden what i have is 6 basil plants thyme oregano sage rosemary dill tye basil is going in his week veggies red and swiss chard garlic a variety of lettuce blackberries tomatoes broccoli ( today i made a cream of broccoli soup) onion and i...
  14. damack

    cost for wedding cake

    ok i got the cater taken care of but the cost for a wedding cake that i have heard just seems like a lot for me... im expecting 200 people and i have heard from 800-1000+. are these prices a lot or are these just what im going to have to pay. i like in the sacramento CA area if that makes a...
  15. damack

    looking for a caterer in the sacramento area

    im looking for a caterer in the sacramento area, so far most of the places i have been to i have not been impressed with the food. if any one works in that area and can cook for a party as big as 200 please contact me i would love to talk to you Alex
  16. damack


    hi guys im engaged now an hoping to get some nice pots and pans and put them on my registry, what do u suggest? i have a french saute 11" pan that is al clad that i like a lot but thats the only nice pan i have.
  17. damack

    indian casinos?

    just wondering if any one here works for any of them? im looking at one right now that will start me at a good wage and has 5 different restruants in it. just wondering if any one has any experance with them here
  18. damack

    baking and pastry practical final today

    well i did my baking and pastry practical final today. today i had to make a bitter sweat chocolate drop cake with crème angles, raspberry sauce, and then i also made 2 different kinds of egg bread, one was with basil and thyme and one was with rosemary and gerrer cheese. i got it all done so...
  19. damack

    friend got Botchlaism from a weding cater

    im just posting this as a heads up, i have a friend that went to a wedding last weekend and went to the hospital a few days later, at first they didn’t think there was anything wrong but now she has Botchlaism she will be in ICU for 3 month and in the hospital and this is how they found out she...
  20. damack

    starting culanary school

    starting monday im going to a tech school not to far away for 15month and i went and vissited the campus at least 4 times befor signing on i wanted to make sure that it was the right place for me, they have very small classes which i like and also they have some one the top chefs from the local...
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