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  1. mrdecoy1

    How Important Is Food Science And Organic Chemistry

    I'm seeing more and more people touting the idea that you will be a much better cook if you know science and study the Harold Mcgee book. I wonder if you really can be a better cook knowing about what's going on in a molecular way? I don't mean Modernist and Ferran Adria type cooking, I just...
  2. mrdecoy1

    Please Help Me Understand Food Seasons

    Hi, I'm a novice having trouble understanding this. I read lists of what's in season, but I don't fully understand it. Question 1. Is a food listed as in season now say apples, is it in season globally? what if I buy it at Costco? was it in season where they imported it from? I can't always go...
  3. mrdecoy1

    Help KAI Wasabi

      Hi,  I bought a KAI Wasabi a couple years ago, after trying several stones, and cheap hand sharpeners, ceramic hone, I just can't get it sharp. I've seen a couple forum threads indicating that this is a very difficult knife to sharpen? howver I've assumed all along that it's me, should I dump...
  4. mrdecoy1

    No Knead vs Traditional Bread

    Is no knead too good to be true? was it just a fad? is bread better that has been kneaded? Thanks
  5. mrdecoy1

    Do Griddles Have To Be Stainless Steel?

    Hi, I want to get a stove top griddle, seems to be this diner culture and people in love with stainless griddles, is a griddle just a griddle? does it matter cast iron, non-stick, stainless???? I understand cast iron would have more heat retention etc, but beyond the obvious, is there a real...
  6. mrdecoy1

    Easy Beef Bourguignon vs Traditional

    I'm a novice at cooking, as I type I'm watching a very well respected cooking show (not sure if it's ok here to name which one) anyway they are showing a method where there is absolutely no stove top searing done. Basically everything gets roasted first then you make a roux, strain it and then...
  7. mrdecoy1

    Novice Need Help With Knives

    Hello, Not sure what to do and am very irritated about my knives. It was suggested to me by a pro knife person to get the KAI Wasabi chef knife. So I get that, take care of it keep it in a case, now I decide I want to get it very sharp again, I use the honing steel, pro tells me "Get a ceramic...
  8. mrdecoy1

    Cooking Pork Chops Question

    Hi I made some garlic confit in olive/grape seed oil, warmed the pan with the oil, then brushed it all over my pork chops then put in the pan. Cooked it and I couldn't taste anything resembling garlic. What should I do different next time to really taste that garlic oil? 
  9. mrdecoy1

    Assorted Culinary Institute Of America DVD's

    All DVD's are like new watched only a couple times and handled carefully. I'll pay shipping USA only. 1. Dry Heat Methods Vol 1 75.00 2. Dry Heat Methods Vol 2 75.00 3. Moist Heat Methods 75.00 4 Basic Kitchen Preparation 75.00 5. Basics Of Sauce Making 75.00
  10. mrdecoy1

    Good Pastry Books

    Hi I'm wondering if there is a good beginner book that takes the reader by the hand step by step with photos? thanks.
  11. mrdecoy1

    Garlic Confit Food Safety Question

    Hi just some questions about garlic confit. If I store it in a mason jar does the jar have to first be sterilized? Also am I supposed to heat it to 250 degrees before storing? or should I just make it, shock it an ice bath and jar it and not worry for a couple weeks? seems to be a lot of...
  12. mrdecoy1

    Official Steak Cooking Thread

    I'm having troubles with simply cooking a steak. I usually buy Sam's Club rib eyes that look well marbled, maybe I need to up it to "choice" or "prime" I usually take them out an hour ahead of time, salt well with kosher and fresh cracked pepper. I've grilled with oak lump, charcoal briquettes...
  13. mrdecoy1

    Red Pasta Sauce aka Gravy

    Just wondering a couple questions, first what are some of the good cookbooks that teach how to make it right? second, if I'm in a pinch how do I take a jar of the super market garbage and make it more palatable?? usually the super market stuff is way too sweet. Please don't suggest fennel or...
  14. mrdecoy1

    Aioli Recipes Anyone?

    Hey all,  Now I can make aioli without breaking the emulsion. Just wondering if you have any trusted sources books or website where I can find some other ways to make it with different spices? thanks.
  15. mrdecoy1

    Questions I Have About Food And Cooking

    Hi, I'm still new to cooking and I have some questions I would love cleared up. (please don't laugh at me)  1. I don't quite understand how food seasons work. Does the list of in season foods apply always? another words, if a vegetable I bought is imported does it matter that it's out of...
  16. mrdecoy1

    Mushroom Question

    Hi my wife loves mushrooms in an omelette (in anything really) I usually saute them in butter, shallots and a little wine but am wondering what are some other ways to make them? are there other ways to really bring out the flavor in mushrooms? thanks. 
  17. mrdecoy1

    Need Help With Aioli

    After a couple failed attempts I finally made aioli without breaking, just wondering what I can do about the bitter flavor that settles at the back of the tongue. I used 1 tsp garlic crushed, 1/2 lemon juice squeezed, 1 egg yolk, 1 cup olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. Thanks
  18. mrdecoy1

    Classic vs Contemporary Sauces

    Hi,  I'm always trying to expand my understanding of cooking so I'm wondering if you could explain the differences between classic sauces like Escoffier vs today's contemporary sauces. So far the only info I'm reading is that the classical sauces use flour as a thickener. So I'm curious like a...
  19. mrdecoy1

    French Onion Soup

    I've made it three different ways now. First recipe was from a friend it was OK. Second was Julia Child's, very wine tasting but still good. Third was Thomas Keller's which was very good, of all of these the couple things I noticed that made improvements were 1. pre toasting the bread to get...
  20. mrdecoy1

    How Is Overwhelming Flavor Done??

    I went to a restaurant recently that had pickled beef tongue. Anyway there was a very dark almost black sauce very lightly drizzled over it. The flavor just exploded on my palette in a good way. So my question is, how is a sauce built to be so intense? It can't simply be by reduction. Any...
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