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  1. kevin oliver

    Go Ahead, I Dare You!

    That was really impressive! Love to watch people show off their craft.
  2. kevin oliver

    Need advice on increasing my speed.

    ^^ -- also, the same can be said about the method/steps of your technique. For example, halve all the onions, peel all the onions, then slice them all. Instead of say, halve, peel and cut each onion. Having enough space is important (also the placement of the garbage). Get organized the first...
  3. kevin oliver

    What did you have for dinner?

    I might as well post my oven baked babies. 250 - 260 for 7 hours. (my own dry rub). No BBQ where I live. Fantastic flavor, though. 
  4. Baby back ribs

    Baby back ribs

  5. kevin oliver

    What did you have for dinner?

    As you can see here, I'm pretty close to a free meal. Haha. 2 dang points. 
  6. Pei Wei

    Pei Wei

  7. kevin oliver

    What did you have for dinner?

    I love the mongolian beef bowl (flank steak option). I eat it a few times a month and also tend to take 200 fortune cookies on my way out.  Make sure you create an account and give them your phone number (so they can apply the order to your account). Every 1,000 points = a free meal (any size). 
  8. kevin oliver

    New Pan Sets

    You would be surprised at the pricing at Home Goods, TJMax, Ross, and Marshalls for some of the quality brands. Costco (as you mention) is competitive in their set pricing, though. I have seen smaller sets there (3 pieces). Great info by @phatch  --- thank you for that.  
  9. kevin oliver

    Not confident in cooking abilities

    Your family wants you to get a job in the field because they helped pay for your education? Interesting. I think your situation isn't uncommon, though. Our families tend (try) to dictate our lives. My recommendation... learn what you love and do that. Else your life will pass you by for the sake...
  10. kevin oliver

    Chef Inspired - BS

    A lot of people say this about him, oddly.  As far as celebrity establishments, I get the same issue... poor food quality, crap service, etc. I guess we go in there with x expectations (based on their TV personas) and most of the time are let down.    However, I did have a good experience at...
  11. kevin oliver

    What did you have for dinner?

    Beef tenderloin, eh? You would prefer that over say, flank?  P.S: looks amazing.
  12. kevin oliver

    What did you have for dinner?

    Why am I even reading this thread when I know I must eat... this?! I pre-cook my meals for the week (mon - fri) and spoil myself on the weekends. Mojo chicken with a side of... rice and beans. I am crying over here. 
  13. What did you have for dinner?

    What did you have for dinner?

  14. chicken


  15. kevin oliver

    fat substitute question: applesauce vs banana

    I've done my fair share of diet cooking. Haha.  I think the difference other than the flavor in this recipe is... creaminess. Bananas are going to provide you more with that cream factor and maybe a little more meatiness vs applesauce. Personally, I would go with the applesauce as it is pretty...
  16. kevin oliver

    Teens in restaurants.

    Lukeygina and MikeB, I'm glad to see you've both stood up for yourselfs and look where it has landed you. Personally being young and all, its best to move around if you wish to explorer the culinary world. You must also remember their are people that will take advantage of you, being that you...
  17. kevin oliver

    Teens in restaurants.

    Something we must take in account is that, teenagers vs an adult is different in many ways. Most teenagers don't have to worry about bills, and other needs. Most don't need to worry about being fired, being that anyone would take them under min. wage. Young legs are best. Adults work up this so...
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