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  1. greyeaglem

    Cheftalk is a treasure trove of info on fish and chips, but why doesn't anybody address what Parts o

    We had a good laugh when the guy from Restaurant Impossible came to a restaurant in our area. He ripped them a new one for having frozen walleye. And you're right, people here dearly love their walleye. Apparently he is unaware that walleye has a fishing season of about 6 weeks every year...
  2. greyeaglem

    Cheftalk is a treasure trove of info on fish and chips, but why doesn't anybody address what Parts o

    It has to do with efficiency. Gas fryers have I think around 73% efficiency as opposed to around 88% for electric. These are just raw numbers. A lot depends on the brand of fryer, etc. Electric fryers went out of favor because gas got to be so much cheaper. I cut my teeth on GE Mark IV electric...
  3. greyeaglem

    Macaroni & Cheese - type of pasta.

    Haha, you guys are gonna die when I say it's not mac & cheese unless it has Velveeta in it. I know! But my mom always made it that way. I'd give a lot of money for a plate of her mac & cheese now. I don't think she knew any other kind of cheese existed. She used to put it on pizza too. Which...
  4. greyeaglem

    What's the Best Chef's Knife for the Ordinary Home Cook?

    You can research overall quality of knives and how hard they would be to sharpen. Beyond that, it's a very personal thing. You have to see what knife feels good in your hand, what kind of handle you like, the balance, etc. Some people like a shorter blade, some a longer blade. I cut and trim a...
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    Can you make pastries in an air fryer

    I don't own an air fryer, but my understanding is they work about the same as a convection oven. Things like french fries, onion rings or other things you buy from the freezer case are already partially cooked and have some oil in their coating. I think most of the air fryers also have a small...
  6. greyeaglem

    Too much mineral oil

    We used to sprinkle salt on our butcher block tables to pull out excess oil. Sprinkle an even layer over the board and let it stand over night.
  7. greyeaglem

    OMG....breaking news

    If someone were to ask me who I would most like to drink a beer and BS with, it would have been Bourdain. I loved his humor and sarcasm. It was sad to wake up to news of his death yesterday. I can imagine someone in a interview asking him if he was going to commit suicide, how would he do it? In...
  8. greyeaglem

    Jumping into the Fire or not

    I just thought of one more thing. I am thinking of a town where my cousins live and how they told me a few years back that it was a pity I didn't live there as there were three people who were retiring and wanting to sell their restaurants with no takers. Maybe you can look around for an...
  9. greyeaglem

    Tired of the same steaks...proteins in general

    Alligator. Kind of expensive now, but people liked it when I had it and I'm in a very conservative area. You can make it several ways, but when I first tasted it, it reminded me of pork cutlets, so that's how I made it. Breaded and deep fried. Other people used it in gumbos. I wanted to do a...
  10. greyeaglem

    My "Rules of the Kitchen" --- would you add or delete anything before i laminate it?

    It is. It goes according to cook temp. Lowest on top, highest (chicken) on the bottom.
  11. greyeaglem

    My "Rules of the Kitchen" --- would you add or delete anything before i laminate it?

    Number 6 isn't, but it should be, and was in my kitchens. When cooks have to scrub their own burnt pans, they tend to watch more closely and not burn them. Accidents happen, but even when in the executive chef position, if I burned a pan, I washed it myself. If I couldn't for some reason, I...
  12. greyeaglem

    My "Rules of the Kitchen" --- would you add or delete anything before i laminate it?

    I was an executive chef and I still wound up being the one to unplug the grease trap and toilets. If I needed plates and the dishwasher was backed up, I'd go over and help him. Once I had to change out a faucet in the dish area during a Saturday night supper rush because it was spraying water...
  13. greyeaglem

    My "Rules of the Kitchen" --- would you add or delete anything before i laminate it?

    I found the best threat was cleaning out the grease trap. That was your punishment if I caught you with your phone on the line. Nothing I hate worse than going to a restaurant and seeing a worker on their phone or their phone lying a counter anywhere near food. People take their phones...
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    Jumping into the Fire or not

    If you can possibly stay away from investors, I very, very strongly encourage you to do so. Especially if they are people who have no restaurant experience. You cannot apply the same standards for profit, etc. as you do to other businesses in the same time frame. Restaurants just don't work the...
  15. greyeaglem

    Senate votes to scrap program

    The problem here is a snafu. The U.S. catfish producers shot themselves in the foot by insisting that the Vietnamese fish wasn't catfish. They were worried about the competition with their product, and so went to great lengths to say it wasn't catfish so that it couldn't be labeled as such. Now...
  16. greyeaglem

    Senate votes to scrap program

    You shouldn't buy it anyway. It's raised about the same way tilapia is. A much better, affordable and sustainable fish is Cape Capensis. It's a mild flavored fish from South Africa with a texture similar to catfish. It was extremely popular at a seafood restaurant that I used to run, and I paid...
  17. greyeaglem

    What standards do you hold your purveyors to?

    Some real horror stories here. I never had that much trouble with any supplier. I never wasted time trying to negotiate prices. If they know you do that, they just mark up the price before they come around so you can feel good about getting three cents off on a pound of something. Not wasting my...
  18. greyeaglem

    How do you dispose of drinks and old ice in your restaurant?

    If you have a dishwasher area, drinks get dumped in the pre-rinse sink. Ice too, if there's room. Otherwise it could go in the mop sink.
  19. greyeaglem

    Crazy People and Backstabbing in the kitchen....opinions??

    Sorry to hear the place is closing on you.
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