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  1. hanratty

    an interesting movie

    For me it is 'just my luck'...kewl movie..;)
  2. hanratty

    Having a hard time finding a dishwashing job.

    wow nice advise and she also got a mate..well done and congrats young lady wo got the job :)
  3. hanratty

    Want to open Restaurant...

    This is really and eye opener for me..thank you very much..very impressed by your words..
  4. hanratty


    Good for you leeneiek..
  5. hanratty

    drugs and alcoholism in the industry....

    Strictly a no for it from my side...
  6. hanratty

    Cooking Across Asia

    Well if you want it,I can arrange whatever it takes in India as I know many places there. I can work as a free lancer for this..
  7. hanratty

    radio in the kitchen yes or no????

    yeah Eloki you are right,when it is time for concentration we can turn it off but when we are doing a redundant stuff then radio comes in handy to keep us working..I love to hear music no matter whatever I do:chef:
  8. hanratty

    Congrats to Jim. Teacher Of The Year

    Great job Jim...continue the good work :D
  9. hanratty

    New Guy on the Block

    wow that sound pretty professional and confident to me. I love to run a restaurant but I don know that much cooking,should I be a professional cook to run it?
  10. hanratty


    That is a really yummy wonders man..thank you very much :)
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