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  1. chutney

    X45CrMo15 boning knife

    I found a knife at work last spring and my boss said I could keep it.  It is a cheap Dexter "iCut" knife and I can not sharpen it.  I tried raised a burr and couldn't get to do this simple step in sharpening.  I was wondering if the steel had anything to do with it not taking an edge.  All of my...
  2. chutney

    What is Matignon?

    I am getting ready to take CSC and I need to make Matignon.  If I look it up Escoffier, it says to finely mince the onion, carrots and celery and cut he ham with a paysanne cut.  The chef who is helping me says to cut everything with a paysanne.  Do different versions of the book say different...
  3. chutney

    beard nets???

    Does anybody use them?  We have two guys in our kitchen with beards.  Should they be wearing nets?  Or do people in real kitchens  just not do that?
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