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    Meatballs, Meatloaf or better yet mashed potatoes!
  2. duckfat

    Any good meat cleaver which does not need sharpening?

    A knife that doesn't need sharpening???? Maybe a Bubba blade? A Ginsu or if your feeling really sporty something from Cutco. All blades that aren't disposable will need to be sharpened at some point. I've used a Dexter cleaver like the one upthread for decades. They take a fine edge very easy...
  3. duckfat

    repackaging ground beef

    Why the concern for safety? If your supplier is getting the same meat in 10# sleeves then they are just repackaging the same product for resale. The process is the same at home but I'd have more confidence in my sanitation. Totally agree with the others here that I try to avoid this type of...
  4. duckfat

    Another which knife thread. Bread and Paring

    "Whatever bread knife you get make sure the scallops are BIG so you can actually sharpen the thing down the line" THIS!
  5. duckfat

    Another which knife thread. Bread and Paring

    If Victorinox is easy to get in the UK then that remains a solid choice. It's a bread knife. I'd not worry about brands to avoid. If I was in the UK I would have a preference for Guede but I have no idea what the price point would be for you.
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    Fresh Fig Recipe help!

    ahhhhh those look scrumptious! I just like them on a plate with some fresh Goats cheese and Prosciutto.
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    I am too lazy to remove the butter wrapper

    I've definitely seen that done in the distant past. As in winding the hands of time back three decades. Never understood the laziness with 1# blocks. Reminds me of years past when the speedy and cool ones would dump a case of eggs in the mixer. Beat with the mixing bar to break the shells and...
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    Soooo not what I though what this thread was going to be about. Talk about a Happy ending! Glad to hear you had such a great trip. Food looks Bellissimo!
  9. duckfat

    I am too lazy to remove the butter wrapper

    I typically keep butter in the freezer so I just leave it out about 15 minutes or so and the wrappers come right off. Peeling 20# of butter sticks that were at room temp or soft enough to stick to the wrapper doesn't sound like a lot of fun. If the sticks are too soft then just chill n peel.
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    Searing Scallops

    It really is amazing how so many fisheries have declined so sharply over the last several years. The quality decline on so many products is dramatic. I think we joined Costco around 2004. At that time Costco Scallops were killer. Huge Weathervane Scallops from Alaska. The last bag I bought from...
  11. duckfat

    I am too lazy to remove the butter wrapper

    Personally I'd never do that because most butter wrappers I see have printing on them. Most wrappers come off toot-sweet if you just let the butter soften a bit.
  12. duckfat

    Move Update

    Looks like a nice update to the site. Best wishes for a smooth transition.
  13. duckfat

    Rum Soaked Raisins Question

    I've kept them in the fridge for extended periods. Like others here I'd say they are pretty much indestructible as long as they are in alcohol.
  14. duckfat

    Please help me pick a meat grinder

    THIS! No reason not to pick up a used one. They are built like a tank.
  15. duckfat

    Time to get my first "Real" knife.

    Boardsmith was sold so that product seems to have changed to some degree. I'd say 2" thick minimum for end grain. I've have had multiple 3" thick Boos board split but hey they are easy to get and easy to return if you buy from a vendor with a good return policy. Overstock used to carry MMB...
  16. duckfat

    Need help with blue cheese

    Glad to hear you found what you are looking for but it does sound like caution (and moderation) are the order of the day. Have a great vacation!! Dave
  17. duckfat

    Buttercream or fondant ?

    That 's a smashing good job Chef Petals! I thought of you the other day when the Fl was in Montreal!
  18. duckfat

    Need help with blue cheese

    I would not use the Rogue River on steak or as an ingredient. Cheese tray only for that one unless it was the star on a Canape. Heads up...The Rogue River is expensive per # !   WF usually sells small pieces so you can sample for under $10. If they don't have it out ask if there is some one at...
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    Need help with blue cheese

    If you are shopping at Whole Foods Maytag blue is what I use and consider my "standard". The quality is fantastic. It's not nearly as cost effective as the precrumbled tub cheese but it's reasonably priced. If you want a real treat try the Rogue river blue wrapped in grape leaves that have been...
  20. duckfat

    question about coffee

    If you are looking for a good deal on a grinder keep your eye on the Baratza web site. They sell refurbs which can be a bargain. The inventory does change fast!
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