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  1. chefross

    Experience or Longevity

    All of this brings us back to one of the other threads we have here which is trying to get qualified help but unwilling to PAY for that help. This might ( ha-ha ) be another reason help doesn't stick around. Why should they work for place A that pays $$ when they can work down the road for place...
  2. chefross

    Chicken quarters for service

    Hello and welcome to ChefTalk. It's been my experience when chicken quarters are on the menu, they may have to be pre-cooked beforehand. May I ask how are you serving them? Fried, sautéed, broiled?
  3. chefross

    No matter what recipe I follow, my dough always comes out bad

    No worries. I was only responding to what you wrote. Leaving out details can change a question. Glad you were able to work it out.
  4. chefross

    Help with my Tart Shell

    Where is the liquid for the dough. No ice water? That's probably your issue.
  5. chefross

    No matter what recipe I follow, my dough always comes out bad

    Okay, I see that your recipe is VERY flawed. The butter, for instance, is not melted and incorporated into the dough, but rather flattened into a rectangular piece while cold that is folded into the dough and rolled several times to get those layers. The butter steams, taking the layers of...
  6. chefross

    Need ham holder

    This one is much better for holding Spanish ham rather than the other one which is better for holding regular American ham...(if you will)
  7. chefross

    Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge November 2019

    Don't forget the Crispy Durkhee's onions on top.
  8. chefross

    New York to ban Foie Gras!

    What about countless other weird and crazy things man does with animals? My G-D what's next, oysters and clams because we murder them when we open them? How about Balut? Will we not be able to plunge a living lobster into a pot of boiling water any more? Where can this go?
  9. chefross

    New York to ban Foie Gras!

    I also read that. It may affect over 1,000 restaurants in NYC alone. If PETA gets its way, what's next?
  10. chefross

    It's really good to be back

    Welcome back....I always wondered whatever became of you......Good to know your alive and well...
  11. chefross

    Help needed with thick coating for shrimp

    From what I see of the recipe, experience tells me that deleting the milk and replacing it with another egg, then separating those eggs and beating the whites into stiff peaks then folding them into the mixture would help lighten things.
  12. chefross

    Batch cook rosti/ hash browns

    I'll bite. Usually Rosti are served fresh and hot right from the oven. I have shredded my potatoes, soaked and rinsed, then squeezed out as much water as possible, then placed them in my screaming hot pan with clarified butter, then season, then into the oven....minutes later....flip....then...
  13. chefross

    So sad....

    I too have worked in many food services everything from college to hospital, to airline, hotels, restaurants, and so forth. To me, with all of your experience and knowledge, the daily running of a place becomes almost automatic, if you have the right team members on your side. The one point you...
  14. chefross

    Old chicken parts

    "When in doubt, throw it out." The professionals creed.
  15. chefross

    So sad....

    Thanks to all. I feel, at least, a little vindicated in my opinions. Pastrysautegirl pretty much summed it up. As sad as it is, the policies and rules should be enforced and taught by the establishment itself. Unfortunately they are not. To Seoul Food, Foodpump, Cheflayne, fatcook, sgsvirgil...
  16. chefross

    So sad....

    Oh I understood very clearly, but I still maintain that under your reasoning then....a cook must competently have a baseline knowledge and qualifications to justify their wages. Yes people eat out more than they need or use a plumber, so what? What's your point? Simply because we use an...
  17. chefross

    So sad....

    That's because it's all about money. The ACF isn't even recognized by our government.
  18. chefross

    So sad....

    This is your opinion and you are entitled to it. However; I do not agree. I found during a Google search that plumbers can make as much as $50,000 (median income) and electricians as much as $71,000 for their work. Both trades can endure some pretty bad situations. Who's going to argue that...
  19. chefross

    So sad....

    Okay.....all good points. My bottom line point would be that getting the government to set standards for restaurants would, in the end, thin out the field and only those that choose to follow the codes would remain. This doesn't necessarily mean that Mom and Pops would close either. Yes, even...
  20. chefross

    You're all fired!

    I'm going to wait for the replicator.
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