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  1. thetincook

    Dear God, It's Me The Dog

    Did anyone post this yet? Sad Dog Diary
  2. thetincook

    Worst things about being a Chef

    My personal pet peeves about Chefdom: Not being able to delegate because it's easier and faster to do it yourself then it is to teach someone how to do it. It's a really bad habit of mine. Cooking and tasting things you don't like because it's your job. The endless battle of trying to keep...
  3. thetincook

    Need New Kitchen SHOES! Any Recommendations?

    I bought a pair of these last month off amazon last month and have been using them with my beat up Brooks walking shoes for work. They are really nice. Almost all the benefits of a custom orthotic but for $30 us.
  4. thetincook

    Restaurant accounting software

    Just get a copy of quickbooks.  
  5. thetincook

    Worst things about being a Chef

    We needed new side towels today. Non-cooking employee got sent out to get some. Came back with nylon wash clothes. We figured it out a few hot pans later. It was not fun being a chef or a dishwasher today.
  6. thetincook


    I don't like doing fussy plating, and really don't go beyond the 'three plops' school of plating. I generally don't like towers of stuff for asthetic reasons, if the diner wants to muddle his filet with his mashed potatoes, that's his call. I don't like fussy garnishes, perfering to get things...
  7. thetincook

    The best culinary reference book

    Proffessional Cooking and Baking both by Wayne Gisslen, Food for Fifty by Mary Molt, and the Book of Yields by Schimdt I think.
  8. thetincook

    Is Espagnole Sauce dead?

    I make espangole (last Tuesday it was sauce robert to go with roasted pork), but it fits into my situation. Brown roux is a neat thing and I keep oven browned flour on my prep list. I also make made a tomato sauce with roux (half way between a blonde and full brown) last week to go with a meat...
  9. thetincook

    Corned Beef - Happy St. Patrick's Day

    I don't really like cooking the cabbage in with the corned beef. I usually braise it seperately, maybe with some of the corn beef broth.
  10. thetincook

    Funniest Thing You Have Seen In The Kitchen

    For all the cornstarch guys out there, try swapping their cornstarch with powdered sugar. Good times to be had. The funniest thing I've seen was probably one of my own brain farts, sadly. I sent out a bunch of chocolate sundaes once, but I'd grabbed the balsamic redux bottle instead of the...
  11. thetincook

    Who your Chef role model?

    Dainel Boulud, Judy Rodgers, and Jerimiah Tower. Also, the old timers on this board. Capechef, kuan, and panini, to name a few.
  12. thetincook

    Molecular Cuisine/Modernist Cuisine/Avant-Garde Cuisine: A fading trend, a style, a tool in the kit

    I also think there is a fundamental difference in philosophy. I call it the 'is cooking a Craft or an Art?' question. It didn't start with modernism, but the molecular cuisine techniques have brought it to new excesses.
  13. thetincook

    Molecular Cuisine/Modernist Cuisine/Avant-Garde Cuisine: A fading trend, a style, a tool in the kit

    I've been raiding molecular gastronomy for techniques for use in my largely non-modernist cooking. I don't really like making gimmicky food, but there are some solid tools in that tool set. Your college probably has a set of Modernist Cuisine in it's reference library. Take a look, and you'll...
  14. thetincook

    Need Advice on Giving Advice

    I think I might have been doing Hoss a little disservice by describing him as 'cocky,' looking back it was more like extreme confidence that seemed misplaced from my pov. I'm not really sure what to make of the guy. He's really personable, and certainly doesn't come off like a bullshitter or...
  15. thetincook

    Cooking Soundtrack

    I'm no longer allowed to touch the radio after the Van Halen incident of 2012 :/
  16. thetincook

    A Job Problem

    I second Leeniek. Late 5 times is enough to get you a reputation for lateness. My gut is telling me it's probably one of two things: a) your self evaluation exceeds actual performence b) there is an attitude problem. You're still the FNG at 9 mos, and you're still a greenhorn regardless. It's...
  17. thetincook

    What ingredients don't you like as a chef?

    I can understand the beet hate. The chemical that gives beets their earthy taste is the same chemical that makes dirt taste like dirt. In dirt, it's produced by microbes. I take a pass on truffles, because they smell like pig sex (which is why/how pigs hunt for them).
  18. thetincook

    What ingredients don't you like as a chef?

    I'll go with hard boiled eggs. Can't stand the smell, they're a pain in the ass to peel, and nobody ever cooks them right.
  19. thetincook

    Need Advice on Giving Advice

    Well, it pretty much sucked. We were about 30 minutes late from the contract time. I was originally concerned because he had fried chicken on the menu, and was wanting to fry it from start to finish with only a six burner range for 100. The menu was changed to ribs (I later found out that the...
  20. thetincook

    Introvert Line Cook

    Seriously, don't sweat it. I've been you. Nobody likes the frigging new guy. The trick is not to internalize it and ruminate over it. Then focus on your work, bust some ass. Once you put in enough time and show your worth, you should be set. And hang out here, so you can get some positive...
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