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  1. phatch

    Invisable thread?

    That feature used to be called private messages. I find it useful if I have a question for a specific member or to resolve a problem they may be having.
  2. phatch

    Olive Oil - real, fake, or...?

    I disagree with sgsvirgil. Good olive oil can be gold to green. Light resistant containers are best but not an indicator by themselves.
  3. phatch

    Olive Oil - real, fake, or...?

    is it catching/burning in your throat (polyphenols, good) or like stale nuts (bad) See also fustiness
  4. phatch

    Double Awesome Chinese Food

    The title strikes me as a bit orwellian but at least the book doesn't go that direction. So this is a cookbook based on food from a Boston area food truck. And also some of their home practices. As such, this is much more of a Chinese fusion cookbook. So common things get remade: Apple...
  5. phatch

    My wok is rusting like crazy!?!

    You have to season the wok
  6. phatch

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    At my elevation, I find 8 minutes is needed. Just a data point for us high elevation types. I'm about 5000 ft. Crack the shell lightly when you shock them usually helps with peeling.
  7. phatch

    Fall color

    That's nice!
  8. phatch

    Fall color

    A small waterfall at lower emerald pool in zion national park, again with some autumn color. After the snow we had, you have to go south to find any leaves.
  9. phatch

    Aleppo pepper

    I've seen this called for specifically in some regional recipes. Is there a good substitute? Or is this ingredient special in more ways than seems apparent such that I should seek it out more diligently.
  10. phatch

    Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

    You can go for a pure reduction or roux thickened sauce in a gravy style
  11. phatch

    Smaller batch Slow Cooker Apple Butter

    It's not rated for canning or shelf storage so refrigerate or freeze. Which is more than I want for rate of consumption
  12. phatch

    Smaller batch Slow Cooker Apple Butter

    The Washington Post had this recipe recently. I want to cut it in half as it's just way more than I want around, even including giving some away. Can anyone see any likely problems with cutting it in half? I think the final 1 hour on high will probably be less, as I'm just not reducing as...
  13. phatch

    October Challenge: Savory Pumpkins and Winter Squash

    My family nixed this experiment. Perhaps someone else will try it out.
  14. phatch

    Fall color

    Some good color yesterday in the foothills. Shot from my phone with a little post processing from Snapseed. For teamfat, over the ridge on the right is Millcreek Canyon.
  15. phatch

    October Challenge: Savory Pumpkins and Winter Squash

    It includes pumpkin only sideways via the seeds so may not count. I made a salad based on an idea from Mourad: New Morrocan in the dance of seven salads chapter. It's a salad of beets, avocado and pumpkin seeds. It caught my eye because those are three of my daughters favorite ingredients. The...
  16. phatch


    Welcome, you may well know more than you give yourself credit for.
  17. phatch

    Cancer patient nutrition

    Ask the nutritionist questions, let her know what you need.
  18. phatch

    September Cooking Challenge - Challenge Yourself . . . with a Food Allergy

    I no longer have access to email on this platform
  19. phatch

    September Cooking Challenge - Challenge Yourself . . . with a Food Allergy

    Rittenremedy hasn't been on since the 24th.
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