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  1. leeniek

    Looks tasty

    That looks amazing!
  2. leeniek

    Sponsored Food Challenge: Patak’s Authentic Indian sauces, pastes, chutneys, and pickles

    I use Patak's curry pastes often when I make Indian food at home and I've always been happy with the results. I bought their pappadums a few weeks ago and when I finished them they were almost as good as the pappadums at our favourite Indian restaraunt. This post has me thinking I am going to...
  3. leeniek

    April 2018 Challenge: Wood

    It looks like spring may have sprung here and that means this girl is off to get herself a new smoker/charcoal grill. Any suggestions on what model is best? I have a postage stamp sized backyard so I've been looking at upright models.
  4. leeniek

    April 2018 Challenge: Wood

    I know... we're in for an ice storm here. Enough with winter already. It's the middle of April... I think someone needs to give mother nature a wakeup call or something..
  5. leeniek

    April 2018 Challenge: Wood

    I'd love to play but winter doesn't want to leave us just yet. Maybe sometime this month I'll get outside with the charcoal grill!
  6. leeniek

    Bleeding on food product is it OK to still use?

    I googled the safety of frozen scallops and apparently according to google they can keep indefinitely. Mind you I wonder what the taste and quality of them would be after so long.. The thing with blood and I am sure it is the same whether it is human or animal blood is that listeria spores are...
  7. leeniek

    Greetings from SE Tennessee

    You've definitely found a treasure. There are alot of very experience people here who can offer you lots of advice and support.
  8. leeniek

    The time has come

    When I was in college I had a part time job at a discount store and one of the managers made me feel very uncomfortable with the way he looked at me and the comments he would make when he knew I could hear. I told the other manager and he made a point to schedule me for times when the other one...
  9. leeniek

    Crazy Owner

    I had a similar situation... owner opened up another place and needed someone to run the kitchen in his established place and I ended up being that person. It was not enjoyable at all. He went to take care of his new place and I was left to run the kitchen in his other place with little to no...
  10. leeniek

    Tips on turning around a production kitchen.

    I agree with smgchef, it would be worth it for you to apply for the job and in the interview definitely have some ideas to bring forward as to how you would handle the day to day operation of the kitchen should you be given the job. As for the interpersonal relationships it's hard to change...
  11. leeniek

    Facial hair in the professional kitchen

    I have worked in places that have no restrictions on hair and let the staff go hairnet free an places who insist on a hairnet and beard net if applicable.   I think it is up to the operator of the establishment to set the standard regarding hair and then follow it and provide their staff with...
  12. leeniek

    I saw a leprechaun yesterday.....

    Happy day after St Paddys Foodpump..  Its been ages since I have been on this site... I am still at the food factory and loving it...  I work 9-5 Mon-Fri and my weekends are mine to sew like a madwoman
  13. leeniek

    Kitchen hairdos and quality of your hair

    In the past when I had long hair I had it in a bun and stuck the bun through the back hole in my kitchen cap.  Where I work now we must wear hairnets so when it was longer I just had it in a bun an then the net.   Now I keep it chin length in a diagonal bob and it fits nicely into the hairnets...
  14. leeniek

    Female chefs and line cooks

    Funny as I read my reply from four years ago on this post I am still in the same job but things have drastically changed.  I've been there longer than all of the other employees (excluding the chef and sous who were hired six months before I was) and I have to laugh at some of them when it comes...
  15. leeniek

    A skinny cook going for job interviews

    I am a skinny cook and I don't think it has ever been an issue for me with it came to finding and keeping jobs.  Sometimes being skinny can be a blessing in disguise... like when you need to get to the breadcrumbs that are sandwiched between two skids of flour...   It's been my experience that...
  16. leeniek

    Head shaker.....

    Foodpump, this is a topic that needs to be addressed in the workplace by employers because what we have is a huge case of culture clash.   We have the people of our generation who have really only gained the whole idea of cellphones  and the internet etc  and being so connected all the time in...
  17. leeniek

    Head shaker.....

    It's amazing how attached people have become to their cellphones, especially it seems the younger generation and by that I mean people in their 20s and younger.   Maybe it's the "old fart" in me but I wonder why they need to be so connected all the time?
  18. leeniek

    Professional Chef Shoe advice (for a woman)

    Before I worked in a food plant and was forced to wear steel toed shoes I swore by my Dansko Pro clogs.. they came in open back or closed back and were the most comfortable kitchen footwear I had.  Not cheap thoug... $160 per pair but they lasted forever...
  19. leeniek

    funny / sad commentary

    Lots of those kind of places are opening up in my neighbourhood right now and yeah it's also becoming hipster hell.... I have eaten in a couple of them.. food was ok... doubt I'd return though...
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