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  1. cheflayne

    Experience or Longevity

    That was five easy peasy interviews. Conclusion on candiate #1: result 0, not hired. Etc for #2, #3. #4, #5. At $3,500 per new hire, think how much money they saved you. Did you send thank you cards? :rofl:
  2. cheflayne

    Experience or Longevity

    The restaurant industry has an annual employee turnover rate of 73%, which is up from 56% in 2010. The average employee tenure is just one month and 26 days. Turnover costs are roughly $3,500 per employee, which translates to a loss of $40,000 per year for a restaurant with 15 employees. For...
  3. cheflayne

    Fall off on number of posts

    I just go to the three bars next to the left of the CHEFTALK , and eft click. Menu comes up. Left click on latest activity. That shows me new posts, etc.
  4. cheflayne

    How does "Nuoc Mau" should taste like? ( vietnamese caramel )

    It usually is slightly bitter. It is not a stand alone sauce. It is used in marinades and to give color and flavor to foods during cooking.
  5. cheflayne

    Slightly bitter after taste ???

    Ordinarily baking powder contains acid to neutralize the bitter alkali base taste of the baking soda but maybe your brand is a bit heavy on the baking soda. Try adding a bit of acid.
  6. cheflayne

    New York to ban Foie Gras!

    Just because I can't hear them, doesn't mean that baby carrots don't scream when they are pulled out of the ground.
  7. cheflayne

    virtual restaurants

    Here is a link to an article on a growing trend in the biz to capitalize on the rising popularity of ordering in instead of dining out. The trend also speaks to the growing power of third-party delivery companies,
  8. cheflayne

    Old chicken parts

    The kinds of bacteria that cause food poisoning do not affect the look, smell or taste of food.
  9. cheflayne

    Soft shell/ steamer/ long neck clams vs. other clams

    I am just as guilty as the next person at clinging to my "knowledge". For some reason "I don't know" scares the hell out of us humans, when in actuality those three words are the most liberating words in the English language.. :~)
  10. cheflayne

    Soft shell/ steamer/ long neck clams vs. other clams

    LOL. The less knowledge that people have, the more stubbornly they cling to the "knowledge" they do have.
  11. cheflayne

    So sad....

    Think about it. How many people every year open a restaurant with zero restaurant experience under their belts? How many people open a plumbing service or electrical service with zero experience in those industries?
  12. cheflayne

    So sad....

    It saddens me to say, but most people don' hold putting food on the table in very high regard. After all, when they were growing up their mothers put food on the table everyday and they had no formal training whatsoever, but their mothers couldn't put in a toilet or a run a new light switch.
  13. cheflayne

    So sad....

    There can be different levels of certification. In California, if someone wants to work in a restaurant, they need to have a food handlers card. If they want to be in management, they need a more extended food handler certification card. There can be different levels of certification. Take...
  14. cheflayne

    Making some dishes upfront, for family gathering...

    day of: Creamy garlic mashed potato Sweet potato (baked a whole, in alufolie in the oven) Spaghetti squash Pesto Tart (make Ratatouille a day ahead)
  15. cheflayne

    Soft shell/ steamer/ long neck clams vs. other clams

    Here is another link to a good article on hard shell clams. Down at the bottom it also has info on soft shell clams.
  16. cheflayne

    Thickening sauce with gelatin

    Have you ever made jello? Have you tried to reheat jello? The sauces you making, are they hot or cold? Gelatin thickens when it cools and thins when it is heated.
  17. cheflayne

    Turkish delight/cornflour nightmare

    Are you using cream of tartar and powdered sugar in your cornflour mix, because the powdered sugar will help thicken and the cream of tartar will help stabilization.
  18. cheflayne

    Roasting Salmon and Holding in a Cambro

    If you are determined to do salmon...spritz hotel pans with water, saute salmon (about 75% of desired finish), place in spritzed hotel pans immediately, cover with lettuce leaves immediately, cellaphane and foil pans immediately, and place in prewarmed cambro immediately, remove lettuce before...
  19. cheflayne

    When the perfect hire fails

    I would have a sit down with the person and in as non-confrontational friendly manner as I could muster I would thoroughly explain my goals and expectations for their position. I would then ask if they had any questions or needed any clarification on any points. I would ask questions that would...
  20. cheflayne

    Slowing down

    No reason a TDH can't designed with "be done to order" in mind. At my restaurant in addition to the regular menu, I also offered a five course food and wine pairing pre-fixe menu which was high standard and dollar. TDH doesn't automatically relegate it to holding in a bain marie, although if...
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