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  1. skatz85

    What are you smoking?

    actually im doing some pork shoulder as i write this. 1st time smoking and hoping it will be good. always wanted a smoker and finally got one. want to try some bacon next and my favorite smoked salmon.
  2. skatz85

    What is your favorite Fall dish to prepare?

    oh latkes i love those, i might have to make some of those tom when im at work. i havent made any fall dishes i did tell the sous to see if he can start ordering root vegis and other things. i have made braised cabbage with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, some meat and potatoes.  
  3. skatz85

    How to pick up my pace

    nothing really u can do but do the best u can. work smart and fast. when people are in the zone, menaing busy, tempers flare and people get mad. the way i see it is its one of those things u get used to when u are busy, after the day is done everyhting is out and start fresh. i know when i work...
  4. skatz85

    sauces for fish

     sounds tasty im gonna try to do it thursday when i work,thanks
  5. skatz85

    sauces for fish

    ooo thanks those sound good i think im about to use the aurora tonigh
  6. skatz85

    So frustrated that I can't nail my mother sauces.... Especially that my beef stock constantly gets a

    part of it is probably u burning the aromatics, dont burn carmalize.  when roasting the bones right before they are done brush with tom paste. dont forget the bay leaf, black pepercorns and parsley stems i think thyme too. also dont boil but simmer. it might take some time to pefect but as long...
  7. skatz85

    sauces for fish

    i been trying to different things now that im n the line, i do dinner specials with fish and usually do a buerre blanc sauces and we use fume and vin blanc for other fish on the menu. what are some other sauce i can use to try to do something different. appreciate any advice, thanks
  8. skatz85

    Are Chefs Abusive?

    i havent really worked for many chefs yet but i wouldnt mnd the dicipline that some chefs instill in the cooks. i never though marco pierre white or ramsy were abusive(even when i 1st read about them) i just though that thier standards are high and they expect perfection. they have gone through...
  9. skatz85

    How do you "hold" sauces?

    i work in an italian restuarant some of the sauces we hold is our tomato(go through alot of it), bechemel for crepes, stocks (fish and veal)and pepercorn in a steam table. alfredo is not really hard to amke some butter and cream and reduce, that can be made ala minute in my opinion and we make...
  10. skatz85

    Veal Veal Veal

    ^ that sounds good, i enjoy veal and actually love sweatbreads. had some veal liver last week when chefs family from italy was visiting. we do alot of things with veal at my job. one of my favorite would be the veal parm(even better with some fresh mozz), but a good loin grilled with some salt...
  11. skatz85

    Reducing fresh tomatoes for sauce - pan, heat, etc.

    make it simple and dont add different things so that it doesnt overpower whatever ucook in it. make t simple maybe some grlic basil and tomatos maye some tom. juice and reduce. medium heat should be fine.
  12. skatz85

    is it bad for knife to push food around with it?

    im sure it does but it also gets dull when u are cutting stuff too. i just always use a steel and sharpen when needed. also i have another knife for back up
  13. skatz85

    Homemade pasta - texture is tough and rubbery - help please!

    i add olive oil to mine, the way i was taught is when after kneading, u poke the dough and it springs back. make sur eu rest it and then roll it out. fresh pasta is the best and u can make raviolis with it too, its delicious.
  14. skatz85

    Bechamel Sauce

    i work at intalian spot and we make our bechemel wit a 1# buttter, about 12 oz flour and gallon of milk. i usually eye it out and it turn out good. dont forget the the onion pique and nutmeg. i never seen a lasagna being made wit bechemel though, we just use bolagnaise and ricotta, and a...
  15. skatz85

    Need help with something I saw on TV

    in my opinion and the way i been taught to do it, is season everything.  i season my flour lightly and before putting my protien in, i season it aswell. but it depends on what you are doing aswell. we had thse oysters at my other job thatwe used this seasoned flour, it was seasoned with spices...
  16. skatz85

    Steak Tempertures

    i know the feeling i began working on line not long ago and part of the position is doing the grill. strips are kind of tricky cause they are pretty stiff when u cook them. when rested you can tell a little better. a digital thermometer would be esier. i just been trying to learn by touch, good...
  17. skatz85

    So simple I feel stupid for to prevent sticky pasta?

    i agree with the above method. i work in italian restuarant and we do it ssimilar. however i have actually done it that way and it still was stuck to each other, som of the brands areent good as other. i used the worng brand of fettuccini when i 1st was training and it stuck to each other but...
  18. skatz85

    00 or semolina flour for making pasta?

    try searching i remember someone started a thread with the same question. 00 just means its really fine, semolina is different. i have used all purpous flour and it turns out alright(have made ravioli and pasta with it), at work we use 00 for gnocci and pasta, comes out really delicate and...
  19. skatz85


    its all part of it, got a pretty nasty one the other day. was tryign to flip this trout on the flat grill and weent too low and got my pinkie took skin right off. cuts and burns just come with the job. aloe works well and one of the jobs they have an aloe plant and we put it on burns. i think im...
  20. skatz85

    How Do I Learn To Cook With Molecular Gastronomy?

    a friend of mine wwas interested in this too, he started just experimenting with different things do some foams and mmove to other things. look online or books and get ideas from that. good luck noticed u are a culinary student imsure some fo the chefs can help u or some of the other students...
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