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  1. kuan

    large batch roasted veggies?

    A sheet pan is a lot of roasted veggies. It's OK, they can touch, you need to move them around every 10-15 minutes, make sure they are well basted as they roast.
  2. kuan

    Gift of advice

    A fish turner. Two of them. Although it's called a fish turner it's just a spatula you can use for everything. It works very well in a flat pan. You use the back side to release stuff when you're cooking and it turns a regular saute pan into a wok, well, not quite, but it makes simulating...
  3. kuan

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    What is the approximate cook time for 3/4 boiled eggs and are there secrets to getting them out of their shells?
  4. kuan

    Slightly bitter after taste ???

    Might be the baking powder.
  5. kuan

    hyper-concentrating brine to shorten length of time

    I would not do it. Buy a meat injector and inject it instead.
  6. kuan

    Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

    Don't reduce it by too much. Maybe by just half. You can test the flavor by taking out a bit of the stock and adding a pinch of salt. Use a roux made with butter to thicken.
  7. kuan

    Thickening sauce with gelatin

    No, don't use gelatin to thicken sauces. Use it for cold food, strengthening aspics, glazing the cut sides of your pates and terrines. If you cut it nicely you can use it for decorative purposes. Use it with fruit juice to coat the bottom of your stainless trays.
  8. kuan

    Breaded chicken held for 36 hours - Safety concern?

    You could also bread, fry to brown, freeze, cook and hold in the oven. You can flatten the chicken breasts and the the cook time will be quick so you can do it all in one go. You can flatten the chicken breasts, bread, store between sheets of parchment, and fry to order at the event. You...
  9. kuan

    Turkish delight/cornflour nightmare

    When you add the boiled sugar to the cornstarch you should do it slowly so as not to increase the temp of the cornstarch too much. That's all I can think of. So do it in a stream and in the beginning have two people do it. Use rubber gloves and an apron to protect yourselves from splashing...
  10. kuan

    Roasting Salmon and Holding in a Cambro

    Yeah, it's not great. Or freaking submerged in whirl. (which might actually be better)
  11. kuan

    Roasting Salmon and Holding in a Cambro

    A filet won't work, neither will a steak. But you can do roulades, stuffed with ricotta, or a mousseline, and held together with a nice piece of bacon and toothpicks. Bear in mind this takes fabrication but it will utilize all your salmon and also add value.
  12. kuan

    Advice on starting as a breakfast chef for the first time.

    Breakfast is always greasy. But you can make it look not greasy by keeping the bacon and sausage on rack in a pan rather than just have it sit there.
  13. kuan

    Need recipe for homemade tomato sauce

    Blanch the tomatoes and remove the skins. Run it all through a food mill and freeze in gallon bags. That's what I did a few years ago and should do again.
  14. kuan

    Ice Cream Stabilizers and Emulsifier

    First of all, you will need to look at the capabilities of the commercial environment where you will be making the ice cream. In talking with them, you can also get an idea if they can formulate it for you, and the answer is likely yes. They might not have R&D on staff but they probably will...
  15. kuan

    Roll for Philly Cheesesteak

    So @planethoff the cheese ends up underneath the meat? I didn't know that!
  16. kuan

    Roll for Philly Cheesesteak

    Is there a correct name for the roll that goes with a Philly Cheesesteak? Or really what kind of roll is it?
  17. kuan

    Pallet pricing

    True. But you are dependent on the market for the product which still might go up or down. You would be better off planning for a shift either way and having a good idea of what you are going to do in case either happens. Your best practice is to keep managing your inventory properly and...
  18. kuan

    New User with questions about Brunch Ops

    Some restaurants can handle large groups, some can't. You can be assured that those that can won't be customizing menus over the phone for something they are setup to do already on a regular basis. What you seem to be wanting is to open your own popup and charge accordingly while letting the...
  19. kuan

    Pallet pricing

    I know a pallet of frozen fruit is 750lbs. But you will be in the business against people who contract for 1.2 Million pounds of strawberries like IHOP.
  20. kuan

    Pallet pricing

    You need to ask your supplier. If you are trying to get a unique product for yourself then you are asking for what's called a slot. Your commitment is essential and their pricing will include a charge per day to store the product. But it's yours only and you pay accordingly. What are you...
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