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  1. prairiechef

    The time has come.

    It’s been 25 years since I first tied an apron around my waist. 25 years of dishwashing, bussing, serving, bartending, baking, cooking and managing. 25 years of greasy spoons, independents, banquets, fine dining and hotels. 25 years of mornings so early it’s late, and nights so late it’s early...
  2. prairiechef

    Special Needs. Not quite a rant. But quite long.

    We care. Honestly, we do. We care that you can’t eat shellfish, or gluten. We care that you are allergic to onions in all their variants, and we care that you can’t eat pepper. We care. But we also run a business. We could make our business all about taking care of special needs, but the fact...
  3. prairiechef

    Some of My Core Beliefs and Practices as a Line Cook

    "  There was a chef on Hell’s Kitchen who said “You gotta check your ego at the door when you walk into a kitchen.”" While I personally agree with the idea, I gotta say... this, coming from Hells Kitchen is laughable. The main character of the show (and I mean that exactly as it sounds) has a...
  4. prairiechef

    Prime Rib = Heat Lamp

    Just a slight hijack. "Au jus" means " with jus". As in, "prime rib au jus". "Au jus" cannot exist on it's own. That pot of hot beefy liquid you keep beside the roast is a "jus". When the prime rib is served with that liquid, it is prime rib Au jus.  Sorry. It s a pet peeve of mine, and an...
  5. prairiechef

    Comment by 'prairiechef' in item 'Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book: Her Biggest Ever Collection of All-New 30-Minute Meals Plus Kosher Me'

    Take care. The review is fine, but if you're going to comment on another's English, it is best to ensure that your own usage is not lacking. The term is "would HAVE" not "would OF". You hate "sammies", I hate "would of".
  6. prairiechef

    The business of being a chef

    Bakeries? Should be a journeyman anyways to work in a bakery, Catering? Certification. Don't even see why this would be an issue. I'm sick of housewives becoming "caterers" because their friends say they make good cookies. Small stores servig food? Either buy it from certfified suppliers, or...
  7. prairiechef

    How not to get sick?

    If you're too sick to work,  you're too sick to work. Period. If your boss fires you for being ill... f**k him. Now... if you're sick often enough to screw up business and your co-workers lives... then you have an issue that you need to look into. But, if you're not feeling well enough to...
  8. prairiechef

    The business of being a chef

    here's the issue as I see it. The rules for restaurants need to change. Lose the "journeyman or equivalent" requirement, and change the laws so that ALL employees in kitchens must be either apprentices, or journeymen. If you dont; want to put in the time, take the exams... you can't work...
  9. prairiechef

    no school..but in the food industry for 25years

    The Red Seal allows qualified tradespeople to practise their trade in any province or territory without having to write additional examinations, thus improving labour mobility in Canada and saving time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple examinations.    Different provinces have...
  10. prairiechef

    You're Fired!

    The first and only time I ever got fired, I was working FOH in a family owned Italian Bistro. We had a smoking busy night one night... crazy busy. The potwasher begged off work early cuz he "had something to do", so Mama (yeah, that's what everyone called her) let him go home at about 5 PM. I...
  11. prairiechef

    Worst things about being a Chef

    Or... you could realize that sarcasm and umm..."humour" don't translate well into the written word, especially on the 'net. It's why, in the current age, we have "emoticons". "I think all servers are effin' morons" vs "I think all servers are effin' morons ;)  " Intent is easy to read in the...
  12. prairiechef

    Worst things about being a Chef

    "First off, it bugs me that FOH can't figure out that it is never the fault for anything of BOH. BOH is never wrong, so don't ever blame them for anything.  " This may be the most ridiculous thing I have heard on this board yet.
  13. prairiechef

    Chef Fashion

    If Johnny Cash had been a cook, he would have worn black.
  14. prairiechef

    Food/Food Culture Pet Peeves

    "My pet peeve is when someone makes their idea of cooking "whatever" good, bad, or wrong and trys to tell others thay are doing it wrong..   " well... if you're "cooking" it wrong, I'll tell you so. Some meats need dry heat, others wet. herbs lose flavour is they're cooked too long etc. ...
  15. prairiechef

    position role

    What Ed said.
  16. prairiechef

    Knife Storage.

    Anything that keeps the blades from bashing together... no metal on metal. I personally use a heavy duty canvas carpenter's apron. The pockets provide a great place for smallwares... the knives get sheathed and placed on it, the whole thing gets burrito-rolled and tied with a leather cord...
  17. prairiechef

    Chef Fashion

    I'm a traditonalist, and I will admit that I prefer white. However, I switched my staff to black, and I've cut my uniform expenses in half. It makes good business sense.
  18. prairiechef

    Food Cost

    Forgive the shortness of this reply, as it is targetted not only at you, but at every other person that posts this question in this forum... if you're here to ask for pointers on how to properly manage a kitchen, so you can apply for the "Chef/ manager/ Exec. Chef/ F&B Director/ Head honcho"...
  19. prairiechef

    do flavorful liquids thicken just from reduction or is collegen / starch necessary for thickening?

    "So the starches and sugars in beer and vegeatbles will not thicken but those in oj will.. I need much more practice.  " The starches in wine/beer have been converted to alchohol by yeast, any reduction you do will either NOT thicken, or have to be reduced to a very small amount to "thicken"...
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