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  1. zane

    Needed: Bolognese Sauce

    New to making sauces, anyone have a good recipe?
  2. zane

    Michelin Stars

    So I guess if I get this prep cook job under a Michelin star chef it's a good start. I guess what I'm really asking is, how tough is it to accomplish?
  3. zane

    The Lime Shortage

    we started growing our own a few years ago, but even now its still not always enough. I've noticed the shortage also, but having a garden does help.
  4. zane

    Michelin Stars

    I didn't know where to post this, as I'm a former student about to get a job as a Prep Cook. So this doesn't belong in the professional section since I'm not a pro and it's not a student question. I'm 28 years old, have some experience in the kitchen. Went to culinary school but dropped out...
  5. zane

    How do I get in the door

    Don't see an edit button, so I'm sorry for the double response. I'm researching the resturant and found out the head Chef has two michelin stars. So not only do I not know how to dress, I'm nervous now. Any advice? 
  6. zane

    How do I get in the door

    So I have an interview for a place as a prep cook. I scored it by being honest and telling them I have a passion but have not cooked in a kitchen much. Question is, how do I dress? Do I wear my chef jacket to the interview or business casual (slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes)?
  7. zane

    How do I get in the door

    Hello, Been a few years since I posted. I did a year in culinary school but had to drop out because I needed full time work to pay bills. At the time I dropped out I was working a stage for a few weeks at a local french restaurant. This was maybe 4 years ago. I'm now a little older but for the...
  8. zane

    Chef Uniforms

    Our school uses
  9. zane

    Working a stage

    Got a new chef coat yesterday, and this morning I'm making sure my knifes are cleaned and honed. I'll  let you guys know how it goes.
  10. zane

    Working a stage

    Im in no position to argue, im just going to do what they tell and show me to do. Hopefully it makes me come across as bright and a hard worker.
  11. zane

    Working a stage

    So I've gone from the networking process to the doing process.  I'm working my first stage this Tuesday!
  12. zane


    Im sorry if this comes off as a blog type post... Today I had my first practical exam. We were to chop a carrot with four different cuts, dice an onion , chop parsley and fabricate a chicken into 8 pieces. I did decently with the cuts, but fell apart with the chicken. I'd cut one leg and when...
  13. zane

    Working a stage

    Thanks, I'm just worried I don't have enough skill. The places that have offered to me are high class and I'm just worried of embarassing myself and wasting someones time.
  14. zane

    Working a stage

    I've started to network with some local chefs here in San Diego and have multiple offers to work a stage once or twice a week. I have one semester of baking under my belt and almost one semester of savory (regular cooking) done. I have basic knife skills. What do professional chefs look at when...
  15. zane

    Indian Food

    I'm craving something spicy, very spicy and hot. Anyone have any good recipes?
  16. zane

    The danger zone

    This might sound a bit odd but how did they (in this case the CIA since my textbook is from their company) find out that the danger zone is 40 - 140 (f)? How does 1 degree (39) change the concept of food turning? Am I to assume that if I stored my food at 39 degrees it is safe, but all of a...
  17. zane

    Banning Bad Tippers

    Tipping is optional, people shouldn't complain about not tipping if its optional. If you want tips then raise your prices and start a no tipping policy.
  18. zane

    How much do top chef's make?

    How much would a chef with a michelin  star make?
  19. zane

    Whose-who of the cooking world?

    I've realized I know very little about the history of cooking, or even modern cooking. I'm not talking about the technical side, but people wise. I only really know of four chefs: Marco White, Gordon Ramsay, Bernard Loiseau and Jose Andres. What are some major names in the culinary world and why...
  20. zane

    The use of the title Chef

    From a student perspective a Chef to me is someone who either is running the kitchen (executive) or has the word Sous in front of their title. If the word "chef" is not in your title then you're not a chef. On the flip side, if you were a chef at one point and now teach or are retired I think...
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