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  1. kokopuffs

    Le Chocolat Marta from Switzerland

    A few years ago my sister gave to me said product from Switzerland but it appears, from their website, next to impossible to get or sent to the U.S. I'd be grateful if someone could provide some assistance in my getting a bag of this powder.
  2. kokopuffs

    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    + + + 1 ^ ^ ^
  3. kokopuffs

    My wok is rusting like crazy!?!

    Never NEVER place CI nor CS in the dishwasher. Always hand wash.
  4. kokopuffs

    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    Carbon steel may give the meat a better sear without over cooking in the center. CS seems to hold less heat than CI. Now think of traditional woks, they're made of CS and give the ingredients a great sear without over cooking them in the center.
  5. kokopuffs

    What are the best herbs for a French Omelet?

    Yes this thread is old but I have a simple question about the use of chervil and tarragon: Are both used together or independently of one another???
  6. kokopuffs

    Need ham holder

    Have you actually used this unit???
  7. kokopuffs

    Need ham holder

    I possess a Spanish Serrano aged ham and need a ham holder for slicing like these. Can anyone recommend something that they've used?
  8. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    I live alone and don't have many people to cook for other than myself. And so I needed to detach my apron strings from the baking oven.
  9. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    The bike is a "rolling restoration", parts replaced as needed, as opposed to an off-frame restoration.
  10. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    Scheiste! (EDIT) Here are two piccies.
  11. kokopuffs

    Please help identify old copper+steel sauce pan

    @Sergei_Shablovsky : just do a look up on Mauviel, Bourgeat or Matfer and you'll come up with something just as good or better!
  12. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    I still love going out for a ride on the Triumph. It get respect even from the old Harley guys.
  13. kokopuffs

    Need Recommendation for Gold Foil Online

    Asians from India use not only gold foil but also silver. I'd recommend contacting your local well-stocked Indian market. BARPEE coated in either silver or gold oil. Helps to reduce arthritis.
  14. kokopuffs

    Help with my Tart Shell

    @Lynsay: Do a search on threads in my name. For crusts I really like Ruhlman's RATIO for getting started on things. That book put me into the ballpark and beyond.
  15. kokopuffs

    Perforated vs non perforated tart rings

    Imho perforations have never made a difference in the outcome of my tart crusts. Do a search on my user name for threads involving tart crusts. You'll learn something. (EDIT) Blind baking is followed by filling the baked dough and it's then bake some more.
  16. kokopuffs


    Flan rings are much easier to clean and come in a wider viariety of diameters and heights. Mine are made by Matfer and I strongly suggest that you not only download the Matfer catalog, get yourself a hardcopy as well. Matfer items ares truly premium.
  17. kokopuffs

    Good book on bread for beginners?

    And in making your bread learn BAKER'S PERCENTAGES. It's very easy math (algebra) that will simplify the recipes. No more using cups for measurements.
  18. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    Facebook had become boring and I needed to return to baking; and, I am throughtly exhausted at wrenching on that old Triumph motorcycle; those old brit bikes need lots and lots of tlc and wrenching.
  19. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    ...glad to have had a positive effect on someone for a lifetime! 8)
  20. kokopuffs

    It's really good to be back

    Ever since mid-May 2016 when I purchased a 1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger motorcycle to be rebuilt, baking chez Koko took a back seat. Well, with the bike up and running on the first kick after two-and-a-half-years of wrenching (my father a former U.S. Navy diesel mechanic), I'M THRU WITH WRENCHING...
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