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  1. beargy

    Coffee Shop Name

    I like Legally Brewed, that is a solid name! I am an attorney and would go into a coffee shop with that name any day!
  2. beargy

    Airline Food...

    I can only imagine what happens ... reminds me of the move Waiting ... maybe not quite the same thing, but gives me the same impression ... I wouldn't want to know what happens ... though I have eaten a few airline meals that actually tasted pretty good
  3. beargy

    Christmas is Coming..

    sounds like a great tradition! I love Christmas and do many holiday events in the days leading up to Christmas ... one of my favorites is visiting a re-enactment of an old school Christmas village near Detroit! It is a blast! People are dressed up like the olden days, campfires, horse carriage...
  4. beargy

    Any soccer fans around?

    used to cover high school soccer while working at a daily newspaper and fell in love with the game ... I admit that I do not pay attention enough to international leagues and teams but I do find the World Cup to be one of the most exciting sporting events! If I were to begin watching...
  5. beargy


    well said Dan 9/11 is a tough day ... I did not know anybody but still felt the pain ... I remember where I was and everything that happened that day ... do you remember?
  6. beargy

    Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

    sounds like a good analogy ... I do think she is talented, but she is a little odd I did not see the meat dress live but did see replays ... it was an interesting statement that was made, whatever that may be
  7. beargy

    classifieds section.

    @Nicko I think a trading post area is a good idea, especially for those who have items they want to get rid of or who are interested in purchasing/trading for items. How would it work?
  8. beargy

    Places not to go before you die

    I have not been many places but I have really enjoyed every place I've been. No offense to anybody out there but I guess I would go with anywhere in Indiana. Not that it's necessarily a bad place, but just not a place I'd say I want to go before I die. Sorry to anybody from Indiana...
  9. beargy

    Gargantuan Tipping

    haha, that happens ... honest mistake! I have tipped close to the same amount of the bill at times, especially if the server does a great job. I eat out and go to bars a lot with friends and family and if the server pays attention to us, interacts with us and is attentive, I usually always tip...
  10. beargy

    What A Waste!

    I believe the restaurants should be somewhat responsible but we should also be responsible. Ultimately it is us, as consumers, who are purchasing the food items. We are the ones responsible for our decisions when we order. I admit that I have this issue at times. I tend to eat a lot and often...
  11. beargy

    What A Waste!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with taking home leftovers. I have found it difficult to find a good sized NY Strip at a reasonable price. I enjoy eating and often have leftovers. I don't mind brining the food home to enjoy the next day. I got into a debate with friends the other night at...
  12. beargy

    Need the moistest vanilla cupcake ever!!!!

    Thank you for posting! I am new to the baking scene and have been looking for a great recipe to use consistently. I am also looking for a nice homemade frosting recipe. Does anyone have a good recipe they can share? I would prefer something that would go well with the chocolate cup cakes.
  13. beargy

    Top Chef Desserts

    I do not find the show very engaging. I would rather watch Cake Boss. I find that show much more engaging for audiences and find myself cheering for everyone on the show to succeed and put out a great cake. Has anybody watched this show? How do you compare the two?
  14. beargy

    Do you use food processors?

    That is good advice. I think it's a tough decision but a good one to make. Every kitchen should be fully equipped, if possible, in order to allow for a greater range of potential meals. Are there any accessories that you all recommend?
  15. beargy

    What's Your Favourite Restaurant?

    My favorite restaurant is Hacienda in South Bend, Indiana. The food is great and very reasonably priced. The Mexican fare is authentic, the atmosphere is fun and exciting and the wait staff is incredibly helpful and kind. I've never had a bad experience and have been there many, many times. They...
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