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  1. blueicus

    My "Rules of the Kitchen" --- would you add or delete anything before i laminate it?

    I think it's better to communicate expectations with sous chef(s) and let it flow down from there.  To say I have an unusual managing style is a bit of an understatement, but I hate lists of rules, coming from both a chef and a cook's perspective... I'm not a bloody child.  It's also why I don't...
  2. blueicus

    Babies and toddlers in higher end restaurants

    Not a children person, but I'll admit to have been surprised by some of the best children (saying between the ages of 8-12) diners in my career lately.  Children that actually behave, eat what they're served and know what a freakin' tasting menu is.  Makes me have the slightest hope for humanity.
  3. blueicus

    What standards do you hold your purveyors to?

    I've tried to live my life under the philosophy that if I don't dick around with people or treat them with respect, they'd do that same for me... and to be honest it usually works, except when it doesn't.  Just recently got a small shipment of live BC spot prawns, but these ones were clearly...
  4. blueicus

    Need a sauce that works for lamb wellington and asparagus at the same time

    My ideal romesco's a bit thick, flavoured with red pepper, almonds, olive oil and some herbs, thickened with bread.  I think a hollandaise-based sauce or a pistou/pesto or something a bit thinner like a chimichurri-like sauce would work well too.
  5. blueicus

    Creative dishes

    The red beet brings to mind (especially when roasted) maguro tuna, though the flavour and texture are obviously a bit different.  Despite these differences I think it's a good idea to use it as a substitute for tuna in some preparations. Steam/roast/crust bake the beets in kelp, bonito and salt...
  6. blueicus

    Who would you rather work with? Hard working or naturally talented?

    Whether hard working or talented, I believe in the realm of teaching and child care one should never praise a child for their 'innate' abilities, but always for the amount of work they put into their work.  I believe the same applies in a kitchen.
  7. blueicus

    NY raises wages 2.50

    Seriously, in Canada our servers' tipped wage is nearly on parity with the regular minimum wage, and some employers (gasp) even pay above that!  If your business is losing money because you can't pay your workers like indentured servants, then your place has bigger issues than the minimum wage law.
  8. blueicus

    Some Yelp Advice

    If you read the OP the poster mentions that they paid the server to reply to the comments, not pay some sort of independent company, so presumably this server knows the restaurant well enough to know how to reply to the negative post and its details. As for nipping these posts in the bud by...
  9. blueicus

    I am serving an average of one hundred and twenty guest with only four reservations

    Ultimately it depends on the kitchen setup and the type of food you serve.  In a restaurant where the dishes have around 4+ touches and things are plated intricately?  I'd say 5 or 6 is reasonable.  Also depends on cheque average of course.  If they're low then you can't afford as much staff...
  10. blueicus

    How to make a nice quick stock?

    Use a pressure cooker
  11. blueicus

    It's Not the Least Bit Absurd to Gross $1000,000 Busting Your Hump Just to Put 30k in Your Pocket?

    If you're actually filling a role of some sort in the restaurant (be it a chef, sommelier, bar manager, GM, etc.) you should be able to factor into the business a salary for yourself since you're basically replacing a position in your business.  As for labour you're never going to have 100% full...
  12. blueicus

    What should I cook for the first time as a private chef?

    Agreed with the others, as the PC you are there to cater to their needs, so keep it simple and to the point if they want it that way.  As for his vegetarian mother, I too would suggest not to simply leave off the meat on her entree, it's not about pulling fancy tricks but making all the diners...
  13. blueicus

    my head chef can't cook

    Although the OP's post is somewhat vague I do think they bring up an interesting point:  At what point should the chef be absolved from having any ability to cook?  Beyond the costing, inventory, staff management, etc. the chef still has to train staff, keep standards up to a certain level and...
  14. blueicus

    The trials of creating a new dish

    A question for you:  What type of Japanese restaurant is it?  High end?  Casual?  Is it traditional or is it more modern/fusiony?  What's the menu currently like?  In terms of Japanese food if you're talking about high end then you are striving to create cuisine that is simple, yet elegant...
  15. blueicus

    Why do chefs in top restaurants work really long hours?

    This issue is really more of one that's systemic to kitchens worldwide than in the US in particular.  I'm pretty sure Michelin-starred restaurants around the world have their cooks and chefs putting in similar hours. As for the idealized 40-hour work week it only really works if the service and...
  16. blueicus

    buttercream icing

    Typical buttercream ratios (with meringue) is 3 fat, 2 sugar, 1 egg whites.  That will make it a reasonable sweetness
  17. blueicus

    Blanching purple veg.

    Sous vide blanching works incredibly well for purple root veg, especially potatoes and carrots.  Also for potatoes cooking them in the skin then cutting them will help them keep their colour.  If you're talking about purple beans you're somewhat out of luck as I've not heard of a good method...
  18. blueicus

    Looking for a ice cream machine

    The machines with compressors are always superior to the ones that require you to freeze the bucket.  However, the pacojet works on a different principle because it is essentially a "glorified" ice shaver that basically "pacotizes" a frozen block into a scoop able product.  This means you can...
  19. blueicus

    Salary for Sous chef

    your math is wrong because of several factors: a)  It is based on a 40 hr. work week. (8 hrs/day). b)  You only get paid for time you work.  In a week you are generally expected to work 5 days (according to these calculations) c)  You get paid for 52 weeks of work in a year (it totals out to...
  20. blueicus

    Who are we really cooking for?

    Everybody brings up some interesting points, but I find that for those that advocate only cooking for the customer and all else is being on an ego trip I bring up the point that unless you work in a tiny town with nothing close by within a hundred km, as a restaurant one has some luxury as to...
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