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  1. chrose

    From all of history: Name 3 people, you would invite for dinner : where to, who & what

    After much thinking there are many diverse groups and as much as I would love to have met someone like Jimi Hendrix or John Lennon I think I would at the end invite my mothers mother and my fathers father each of whom passed away before I was born, and my mothers father who passed away shortly...
  2. chrose

    Chocolate Technique

    I'm so sick of talented people.....
  3. chrose

    Almond dacquoise troubleshooting

    When you take the pan out of the oven lift an edge of the parchment and try running a little bit of water underneath, the tiny bit of steam produced may well loosen them without harming the dacquoise.
  4. chrose

    gluten free diets

    My wife was diagnosed with Celiacs disease back in July. Previous to that her symptoms were mostly indigestion that were getting worse. Other symptoms can be seemingly totally unrelated. There is a link between seizures and CD as well. My wife has Temporal Lobe seizure disorder and going gluten...
  5. chrose

    What are you currently reading - non food related

    Right now I am reading "Life" Keith Richards biography. Very interesting so far, he sounds to not be the same drug addled guy that he appears to be. Still I am only 1/3 the way through. I also just finished "Does the noise in my head bother you"? Steven Tylers autobiography. Also interesting...
  6. chrose

    Chicken Marsala

    We have a rather large liquor store here in Upstate NY and I returned a bottle of something I bought once. It wasn't wine. They balked at first but took it back (Opened as well) I don't think people usually return liquor so they don't make it a policy but they didn't say anything about it being...
  7. chrose

    Advice on best way to find a Chef Partner

    That is post on. Exactly what I would say. My only difference is I lost less than Jeff, otherwise.... What starts out great can change as the personality that you knew when things were good can turn 180º when things go south even a little. Likewise things can turn 180º even if things go for the...
  8. chrose

    Beef Wellington Special

    I am all for easy prep and being slightly off the beaten track. Why not try a variation. Here's what I would do (and have done). Make a bunch of puff pastry baskets that would hold the size filet you're planning on serving. Prebake them and hold on the side. Make a duxelle ahead of time and hold...
  9. chrose

    Cookbook Acquisition

    Interesting note on the last book I bought. I love this restaurant so I knew it would be good (recipe wise anyway) The first thing I noticed was that it was a gift for a couple. It seemed like a wedding or anniversary gift perhaps. This is not your average cookbook. While not the most expensive...
  10. chrose

    Cookbook Acquisition

    I wish I could say there was a rhyme and a reason for the way I buy cookbooks, but there's not (completely) I will buy cookbooks from people that I have met and admire like Jean Louis Palladin, or from classes I have taken such as Ewald Notter. Just recently I was reading about one of my all...
  11. chrose

    If You Had to Move, Where Would You Go?

    In the US I think for me would be Annapolis, Maryland and all its surrounding area.  Portland, MainePortland, OregonAnchorage, AlaskaNorthern, Ca.
  12. chrose

    Hells Kitchen TV Show

    Sad as it is that says a lot of the "general" viewing audience (not all)
  13. chrose

    help - wheat free, gluten free diet

    While normally this sort of blatant self promotion smacks of SPAM in the case of Celiac disease, perhaps this one can be an exception. About 2+ months ago after several years of me nagging her to get a second opinion she did and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Thankfully with my experience...
  14. chrose

    Hells Kitchen TV Show

    Every season this show gets discussed ad nauseum. After seeing Ramsey however in other venues I think what it comes down to is it's a pure moneymaker for him. His livelihood (his own restaurants) don't suffer from this, he makes a ton of money and he gets an opportunity to yell at idiots! Sounds...
  15. chrose

    Last years squash was bored to death

    Ice I am not the least bit surprised that nothing comes near your garden! Freaking Japanese beetles are decimating my Green Beans this year. So basically when I am home I go out and knock them into a jar several times a day. I think it's helping because it looks like the leaves are starting to...
  16. chrose

    Ketchup Couverture

    Not necessarily a big fan of much molecular cooking, but I have to admit, that's pretty cool!
  17. chrose

    The Menu of the Day Thread.

    My wife was just diagnosed with Celiac Sprue so menus are undergoing a learning curve. So tonight was somewhat of a mishmosh. Grilled brats with green peppers and red onions with fennel seed and olive oil Homemade Cole Slaw Minced Cauliflower and Green pea pancake with sweet curry, rogan josh...
  18. chrose

    My Grandfather Vs. Escoffier

    That was great! I loved it. Kudos to Grandpa!
  19. chrose

    This comes as no surprise....

    What a great story. First the VP says And at the end of the article it says: Boy those ungrateful "partners" and after we all we did for them! Sheesh! Talk about not taking responsibility!
  20. chrose

    Need your help please

    And that's good enough. Thanks!  
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