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  1. chefboyarg

    To all the fromagiers (or cheese enthusiasts)

    Made mozzarella last night following Ideas In Food recipe pretty much to the "t". Only difference aside from kneading time, was we were unable to get the milk down to 50F for the initial step, so tossed the lipase and citric acid in when the milk was around 70F. Curd came out wonderful, texture...
  2. chefboyarg

    Family Meal

    Check out Come In, We're Closed for some family meal inspiration. The Spanish rice pudding from the Mugaritz section is pretty great.
  3. chefboyarg

    Sponge toffee

    Combine 1c dark corn syrup, 1c sugar, 1 tbsp vinegar stir to combine, bring to a boil, cook to 300F, stir in 1tbsp baking soda off heat and dump into greased foil lined baking tray, allow to cool until hardened.
  4. chefboyarg

    Sponge toffee

    Hey all. I have been trying to make sponge toffee with the texture of a Crunchie bar for a long time now and have finally partially succeeded. I got really excited when I broke off a piece and saw a very dense tiny bubble structure just like in the bar, but as I broke apart the batch I noticed...
  5. chefboyarg

    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    I recently received the worst service since moving to my current city - sat down at the bar and told the bartender I was meeting someone. He didn't bother Asking if I wanted anything to drink while I waited and moved on to chatting with his fellow bartender. My girlfriend arrives and it takes...
  6. chefboyarg

    Looking for a good book/cookbook

    I second any of the Keller books and Fergus Henderson book.The French Laundry Cookbook is awesome. Ludobites, Ideas In Food and Modernist Cuisine if you can afford it or find it at a library. Art Culinaire is a pretty hit publication and will run you pretty much as much as some cookbooks so I'm...
  7. chefboyarg


    It may be easier to see what happened if you write out your procedure with approximate amounts used.
  8. chefboyarg


    There is also a high viscosity variety that sets at around 132F that they carry which may be a little more applicable to what you're trying to do.
  9. chefboyarg


    There are a whole bunch of methycellulose varieties out there, so you really need to find one that is well suited to the task. Something like methocel f50 is great for foams and "meringues" but would fail miserably if put up to your task. I had emailed Modernist Pantry re appropriate...
  10. chefboyarg

    Xanthan mousse

    Hey all. Tried making a pomegranate mousse today using solely xanthan and it didn't quite come out the way I was expecting. It extruded from the whipped cream canister looking like a mousse then immediately bubbles were noticeable. i tried at concentrations of 0.2% and 0.4% and use 2 charges...
  11. chefboyarg


    I'm going to have to update my list to include Ludobites.
  12. chefboyarg

    Respect in The Kitchen

    I am huge on respect in the kitchen. I am generally a very easygoing person, bordering on nice. That being said I HATE it when a newbie comes in and disrepectful from the get-go (criticizing plating, knife cuts, gabbing with cooks, CUTTING ME OFF WHEN I AM EXPLAINING THINGS or finishing my...
  13. chefboyarg

    Immersion Circulator for Pop-Up

    Groovy. Thanks for the tips everyone. Very helpful.  
  14. chefboyarg

    Meyer Lemon Curd

    Hey all, Just tried out a Meyer lemon curd from Ideas in Food cookbook last night. Followed the recipe very closely, which instructs to blitz sugar, cayenne, 4 eggs, juice and zest of 4 Meyer lemons, cook in a ciculating bath at 167F for 30mins, blitz and add in cubed butter. Loooks great and...
  15. chefboyarg

    Immersion Circulator for Pop-Up

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any in-depth knowledge of immersion circulators. I have been considering buying one to do pop-ups (10-15 people) with the purpose of cooking tasting sized proteins, holding bagged purees and holding 1 iSi cannister. The model I was looking at is the...
  16. chefboyarg

    Can I go from being a bartender to being a chef?

    I agree with Boar D Laze - try and get in some unpaid cooking experience (called a stage [pronounced stah-ge] by us industry folk) to see if its something that you would enjoy.
  17. chefboyarg


    French Laundry Cookbook, Eleven Madison Park, Momofuku Milk Bar and VoltInk for inspiration; Ideas in Food and Modernist Cuisine for info; Mission Street Food for deliciosity and entertainment.
  18. chefboyarg

    Milk POW!-der

    Excellent. Thank you.  
  19. chefboyarg

    Milk POW!-der

    It is also worth noting that the chef uses natural additives such as xanthan and agar as binders as well if the purpose of the milk powder is a binder.  
  20. chefboyarg

    Milk POW!-der

    Hey all, I have been encountering a number of recipes that use milk powder as of late. I work in a vegan restaurant and have been trying to adapt these recipes. Just wondering what role it plays in pastry. To shed some light on the recipes I am making different crumbs (I read it acts as a...
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