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  1. summer57

    Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge November 2019

    Don't you have Boxing Day in the US? I'm a Canadian - we have Thanksgiving in October, and also Boxing Day. What do Americans do on Dec. 26, if not figure out what to do with all those leftovers?
  2. summer57

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    That would have been good, but halibut is so rich and silky, we just had it as-is. Plus... we were hungry!
  3. summer57

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    I should have looked at the halibut before asking you all for ideas. Turns out, I had two lovely halibut collars, including the cheeks. I put one of the salted & oiled collars under the broiler and we devoured it. Delish! I made a sauce of ponzu, green onion and some rice wine but the...
  4. summer57

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Great ideas! Thank you! I'll poach some and use the poaching liquid as a broth for fish pi or stew and as a sauce for the poached pieces. I love the idea of patties/quenelles. I do that with salmon trim, but I don't cut up halibut so it didn't come to mind. I'll pan fry a couple of pieces...
  5. summer57

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    I picked up a bag of fresh halibut pieces for $12. at the local (good) fish counter. Halibut's in season and on sale right now for about $4/100 grams and this is a 4 pound (1.8 kilo) bag, so it's a good deal. Any ideas about what to do with it? I thought about fish pie for some of it and...
  6. summer57

    Cancer patient nutrition

    My husband was in the hospital recently for colon cancer surgery. I kept all his 'menu' sheets to help give me an idea about what to feed him when he came home. We never did get to meet with a dietician, so I used google, his menus, and how he felt as guidelines. I try to make everything taste...
  7. summer57

    Pasteurized milk

    We have a small, grass-fed, glass bottle dairy here, too -- right in the city of Vancouver, in an otherwise residential area. They're a 'heritage' dairy and have been at that location for over 100 years. They even provide traceable milk, as well as range of organic milk in yes, glass bottles...
  8. summer57

    Pasteurized milk

    Yes, that's true, but when I searched ultra pasteurized, that's what appeared.
  9. summer57

    Pasteurized milk

    Is that what they also call UHT milk? Ultra High Temperature pasteurization? Apparently, cheese can be made from nearly all grocery store milk in Canada. There's also this link that says that Canadian milk isn't UHT - Perhaps not...
  10. summer57

    Garam Masala

    Yes, there are many variations on garam masala. I live in an area with a high population of Indo-Canadians from the Punjab, and there's lots of stores around here that sell whole bulk spices, so it's easy to find anything I need. I use Vikram Vij's recipe for garam masala, which includes...
  11. summer57

    Sourdough Boule on Baking Stone

    Is low-ash flour low-protein? Like an all-purpose, rather than a bread flour?
  12. summer57

    The traditional British method of bottling (canning) food is unsafe

    I think it's safer to use a tried-and-true canning recipe from the USDA, Bernardin/Ball, or from the link I posted, but it you want a reasonable and accurate pH tester, get one from fresh and saltwater aquarium suppliers. They sell test strips as well as meters.
  13. summer57

    Ideas for preserving tart cherries, please

    Coincidentally, this weekend's newspaper published canning recipes developed by the local wineries and farm-to-table restaurants for preserving cherries and other fruits grown here. The article linked below also includes a how-to on safe canning. This recipe for spiced cherries in red wine...
  14. summer57

    The traditional British method of bottling (canning) food is unsafe

    It's not just the Brits who did open kettle canning, that's how my grandmother did it when I was young. And that's how everyone did it -- an oldtimer once told me about the first time she processed the farm's peas/beans via open kettle -- this was back in the 1940s. They woke up one night to...
  15. summer57

    Ideas for preserving tart cherries, please

    As owner of a cherry tree and frequent purchaser of montmorency and morello cherries, my favourite cherry pitter is a paper clip twisted so you can put one loop in the cherry, and pluck out the pit. Saving a few of the pits is also a great idea for jams/preserves. Like @chefross, I freeze them...
  16. summer57

    Beginner needs advice

    I'm not a chef, but I am a video professional. I've done video production all my life, from full live sports productions to news, studio work, single cam, editing, directing, producing and shooting. That's been the last 30 years of my life. I also produced over 150 episodes of a multi-camera...
  17. summer57

    June 2019 Cooking Challenge: Indian food

    I'm in the middle of making chana masala right now! Too bad I didn't take photos at the beginning.
  18. summer57

    Walmart Anugs Beef

    I have to agree with @Innocuous Lemon and @sgsvirgil about farmed salmon. I love salmon, I live on the west coast where we know the difference between farmed and wild salmon, and we've also see how farmed Atlantic salmon can be a danger to our wild Pacific stocks. As a common bumper sticker...
  19. summer57

    Is this Cod raw or cooked but refrigerated?

    I live off the west coast of BC and we get a lot of fish here, salmon and different varieties of cod. I don't worry about cod worm etc. Most salt- and freshwater fish have worms/parasites but fish are typically frozen at sea and that kills the parasites, as does cooking. If you catch the fish...
  20. summer57

    Kashmiri chilli powder

    If it's the same kashmiri chili powder that I get in the Indian stores here, it's hot. Very hot. I think it's just ground hot chilis.
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