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  1. grumio

    Favorites - FOOD PROCESSOR

    I like my food processor for: cutting fat into flour for pie crust, biscuits, cracker dough, etc shredding certain things - carrots, cheese, leafy greens pureeing raw onions/garlic ginger/chili for curry base MAYONNAISE (that's what that little hole at the bottom of the feed tube's for)...
  2. grumio


    I realize this isn't a physics forum, but if anyone has an idea what's going on here, I'd like to hear it. Was reading a blog post about homemade yogurt & came across this in the comment thread: I was skeptical, to put it mildly. How is the bottom of the pot supposed to remember that it was...
  3. grumio

    Indian eggs with tomato sauce?

    A friend of mine recently mentioned that she'd made shakshula. I'd never heard of it, googled it, & clicked on the first thing that came up, the Wikipedia article, & thought, Hang on, this is huevos rancheros wearing a djellaba! I've been making huevos rancheros since I was in high school -...
  4. grumio

    What did you have for dinner?

    My second shot at sushi rolls: bacon & egg, bacon & asparagus. The bacon was homemade, hot-smoked (apple/orange), but "raw," not fried. The egg was Japanese-ish omelet strips, the asparagus pan-seared. Then a little haddock with brown butter & lime, some chinese broccoli with crushed red...
  5. grumio

    Thanksgiving ice cream recipe idea

    True, true, but iacta alea est.  We'll see how it turns out.  That was the idea behind the orange peel in the brandy - make a little jack-leg Grand Marnier.  I have brandy; I don't have Grand Marnier. The orange/cranberry ice cream will be in profiteroles.  And we're not doing a traditional...
  6. grumio

    Thanksgiving ice cream recipe idea

    I am tasked with ice cream for Thanksgiving, & thought orange/cranberry would be fitting.  Thought I'd run my ideas by the hive-mind for vetting: Infuse brandy with peeled zest of one orange, then use that to macerate dried cranberries. Reduce the juice of 3 oranges over low heat by 2/3 (~12...
  7. grumio

    Sweetener question

    I want to replace some granulated sugar in an ice cream recipe with honey.  I know they don't measure the same by volume, but going by weight, would I just use the same total amount of sweetener, eg recipe calls for 5 oz sugar; will 3 oz sugar/2 oz honey get me about the same level of sweetness...
  8. grumio

    slab bacon

    I use bacon chopped very fine & ground lamb to make a heretical merguez.  It's very good.  
  9. grumio

    What is your favorite thing to grill?

    Pulled pork.  Eat it as standard Carolina-style PP, in tacos or enchiladas, in a tomato sauce over pasta, in an Asian-style noodle soup...  Grill-roasted tri-tip, beer can chicken, RIBS RIBS RIBS homemade bacon...
  10. grumio

    Pupusa Recipe?

    Making pupusas is easy, except that it isn't.  I went through a pupusa phase a while ago, & while they were fine, no one would mistake my pupusas for pupusas made by a Salvadoran.  It is an acquired skill, & one probably best acquired in childhood.
  11. grumio

    Handling caramelized onions

    So I seem to be on a caramelized onion kick - does anyone have any tricks for handling the stuff?  Sticky, stringy, gooey, sticky, and sticky.  It was particularly problematic trying to put them on a half-baked pizza, when I of course wanted to get them on there as quickly as possible (they...
  12. grumio

    Make your own flavored vinegars...

    Trader Joe's carries a "white balsamic" vinegar which makes TERRIFIC tarragon vinegar.  Oooh - lemon tarragon vinegar... think I may have to give that a whirl.
  13. grumio

    Fruit Salad

    Lime juice/salt/cayenne is nice.  Also, minced or chiffonaded fresh oregano is terrific in fruit salad (not too much!)
  14. grumio

    Secret to THICK mayo

    The first & second times I made mayo with a stick blender, it worked perfectly.  Third & fourth times it didn't work at all.  Then it worked again.  Then I quit using the stick blender & tried my food processor, which has worked perfectly every time.  
  15. grumio

    Pesto Pizza Question

    I've made pesto, I've made pizza, I've never made pesto pizza.  I've found 3 main ideas: 1:  Standard pizza style:  pesto on the dough, whatever other toppings, bake the whole thing. 2:  Make basically a pizza bianca, baking the dough with cheese on it, then putting the pesto on & maybe other...
  16. grumio

    Limoncello question

    I'm making my first batch of limoncello.  Recipe consensus seems to be soak the lemon zest in alcohol, then add simple syrup. I'm using 80 proof (40%) vodka.  I would like to have a high-proof end product, so is there any reason not to make the syrup with more vodka rather than water?  For that...
  17. grumio

    Making the perfect thin pizza crust???

    A lot of herbs, spices & aromatics that you might want to put in dough have antifungal properties & can inhibit yeast growth to one degree or another.  The usual fix is to start with a little more yeast.
  18. grumio

    Making yogurt cheese

    I started making yogurt after reading this article by Harold McGee.  The technique he describes has worked perfectly every time for me, using both whole milk & 2% milk + powdered milk.  I let it ferment in a gas oven with the pilot light on for 4 hours, refrigerate it overnight, then strain it...
  19. grumio

    Making yogurt cheese

    I use a handkerchief lining a wire mesh strainer to strain my yogurt. As for sourness is homemade yogurt, I find mine is much less sour than commercial yogurt.  I put it in the fridge as soon as it's set - about 4 hours - & it's quite mild at that point (let it ferment longer & it gets more...
  20. grumio

    Bread baking - poolish or not?

                 FAST          ^            v  CHEAP  <   GOOD          PICK TWO. The union version.
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