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  1. heavenlycookies

    Healthy Substitutions for Baking

    In whatever manner, as long as its healthier than then typical eggs, bleached flour, granulated sugar, or butter. I am looking for items that can easily be swapped out to make cookies sugar-free- like an alternative to brown sugar would be spectacular. Ideas for gluten free, high protein... I'm...
  2. heavenlycookies

    How many is too many?

    Thanks for all the input!! I have been really leery about downsizing the amounts because I don't want it to look like I just opened yesterday and don't have recipes stacked to the ceiling. However, my fiance has been pushing me to slide the number down and rotate some of them out exactly like...
  3. heavenlycookies

    Healthy Substitutions for Baking

    Does anyone have suggestions for substitutions I can use in my cookies to keep them healthy?
  4. heavenlycookies

    How many is too many?

    I am a new business owner and work with healthy cookies. I currently have thirteen different varieties and want to expand more but have been warned that too many can be overwhelming to consumers. Is there a magic number??
  5. heavenlycookies

    Healthy Substitutions?!

    Does anyone have creative ideas to substitute regular dessert ingredients for more healthy ingredients? I have tried switching eggs out for flax seed meal which works great and I have heard something about switching out applesauce for butter- but Im not quite sure about that one. Anyone have ideas?
  6. heavenlycookies

    Homemade flavor emulsions - looking for a resource

    Is there a way to make a good almond emulsion too? I use an almond emulsion for my Almond Mocha cookie and it is sooooo delicious but I am on my last bottle and need to either buy more or learn to make it on my own...
  7. heavenlycookies

    aspiring cheesecake co. owner

    I am torn with this kind of menu selection. I am kind of in in your same boat Lovecheesecake, I am a new cookie business owner and am trying to find the same kind of information. I currently offer thirteen different varieties of my cookies and am always come up with new ones but I have been...
  8. heavenlycookies

    Baking with Isomalt

    I am totally going to go look into this! I run a healthy cookie business and am always looking for different ideas to keep them healthy. I have had lots of diabetics contact me for my cookies but they are not sugar free. Isomalt may be my answer! I'll let you know if I find out any useful info...
  9. heavenlycookies

    how to make coffee syrup?

    I would try using a simple syrup base and adding in instant coffee grounds. Typically they are slightly large pieces of coffee and can stay like that when added into room temp/cold thick consistencies but if you grind them a little extra they become a fine powder. You can then have the ability...
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