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  1. nicko

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    Fatcook is correct pressure cooking the eggs is the easiest I have found for peeling eggs.
  2. nicko

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    That has not been my experience fresher eggs are better for any application all around. Do you really want to use older eggs just because they are easier to shell?
  3. nicko

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    The trick I use for getting them out of the shell Kuan is to prick the larger rounder end with a pin which releases the air bubble. These seems to help them cook more evenly and also helps with removing the shell. One of the biggest things I have found that helps get eggs out of the shell is how...
  4. nicko

    How to read a thermometer

    Agree with the thermapen they are great. Very accurate and no guess work
  5. nicko

    Another walk in the forest! Making crème de marrons (sweet chestnut cream)

    This is a great post!!!! Thank you for sharing how much do you charge to send me a jar? :D
  6. nicko

    difficulty going back and changing a typo

    Hi Rick can you try it now?
  7. nicko

    Investigating Forum thread listing jumpiness on hover

    We have removed the bold can you try it now @french fries
  8. nicko

    It's really good to be back

    Welcome back @kokopuffs it is good to hear from you after such a long time. The bike looks great!
  9. nicko

    What did you have for dinner?

    The crust looks awesome!!!! You have got to share your recipe (please). Send it to me in apm.
  10. nicko

    When the perfect hire fails

    @PastryAllDay This is a great discussion and thanks for brining it to the forums. There are actually a couple of articles written by chefs here on ChefTalk about managing employees I thought I would share. Managing the Management: How Cooks Can Cope A Managers Guide To Employees Lastly I...
  11. nicko

    BreadBot robotic bread machine

    BreadBot is showing at this years Consumer Electronic Show. Pretty cool little machine but is it practical?.
  12. nicko


    Welcome @EdwardParkernl we are glad to welcome you to ChefTalk. How did you find ChefTalk being so far away?
  13. nicko

    What did you have for dinner?

    hey Mike I love have eggs and bacon for dinner. Love the potatoes they look very tasty. Thanks for the kind words about my dinner.
  14. nicko

    New Discovery (for me!); [Real] Maple Syrup in Lemonade!

    That sounds like a nice update to the classic. I have had rosemary lemonade before and thought it was very nice.
  15. nicko

    What did you have for dinner?

    Made dinner for my wife's birthday. Started with Cheese She loves escargot so these are a version done in mushroom caps Chateaubriand with grilled asparagus, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes. Great Wine Lemon cake
  16. nicko

    New site looks great!

    When you go to a discussion if there are new posts you should see this button up at the top:
  17. nicko

    Investigating Forum thread listing jumpiness on hover

    @french fries a ticket has been filed with the team and they are working on the jumpiness you reported. Thank you for pointing that out! We will use this thread to handle any specific discussion regarding it.
  18. nicko

    New site looks great!

    Hey lLl this thread is getting really long. So to help us out each time you find an issue like @french fries jumpiness issue can you create a new thread in the Site Feedback and Suggestions. It will be easier for us to handle each defect this way.
  19. nicko

    New site looks great!

    @french fries the shifting can be a jarring experience and in general not a good UI experience. I will work with the team and see if we can resolve the jumpiness.
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