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  1. chefjeny

    I think my Chef/Instructor has it in for me. Am I paranoid?

    Romi Keep showing up and more will be revealed. All I can say from experience is what mattered is that I did the work and I took the direction and it paid off in ten fold and you keep doing the same. Alot of this is fear right now what your going through and once you walk through that fear and...
  2. chefjeny

    Hello from New York City

     Bughut Thank you so much for the warm welcome. This Forum is fabulous already. Checked out a few of the Tattoo threads and from my experience with Tattoos in the kitchen as well to tattoos as being a private chef, nobody cares because I do the work and I show up with consistency. Suddenly...
  3. chefjeny

    first tattoo

    The one thing that's so amazing about being a chef is we get to express ourselves with in our works in the kitchen. Tattoos have been apart of me since the day I turned 18 and got my first piece on my back. Yes a back piece might have been a bit to much as a first piece but being 29 with many...
  4. chefjeny

    What do you wear in the kitchen?

    I have to say, the good thing about being a Private Chef is that I don't have to wear the Chef Jacket unless it's upon request. I don't miss those days of sweating 10 pounds off a day from a 10 hour shift in the kitchen. Chef Bill, you are so right about your Alaska theory and don't even get me...
  5. chefjeny

    Hello from New York City

     Hello Guys and Gals! I just made a profile on ChefTalk and just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I'm a Private Chef in New York City and do believe the Culinary World is the best World to live in. We have it good! Would love to meet other Private Chefs to converse with.  Love to you all Chef Jeny
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