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  1. peachcreek

    Name 3 foods that that used to be cheap, but now aren't.

    Avocados. Chicken backs, necks, and wings. Chipped Beef. Next....
  2. peachcreek

    Happy 2020!

    Okay, so we don't have flying cars they promised us. And we aren't eating pills instead of meals (thank god!). But here we are in 2020. Happy New Year, all!
  3. peachcreek


    Three days of peace, love, and you end up with soup!
  4. peachcreek

    Sorry, Chef!

    Sorry Chef! Next time I will remember to use a spoon!
  5. peachcreek

    Skill vs. Humanity

    If we stay with cooking then after a while our repertoire and experience will move us towards honing our skills. Then at some point comes not so much about our knowledge base and methods as it does to our philosophy about how who we are as people, how we see ourselves with other and most...
  6. peachcreek

    Secrets of a catered party, revealed!

    Last night I helped cook at a large catered charity fundraising event. Beautiful people eating wonderful food and swilling spendy booze. So towards the end of the night I spot an older woman sneaking food off the table and into her purse. And I got to thinking... The new line of designer purses...
  7. peachcreek

    Cooking Wisdom.

    I just had a discussion with a vegan friend. She was asking me about how it must be cruel to cook meat and fish. After a long drawn out conversation I finally said this to her: I am a cook. For me it is the path I chose. So I must honor all that comes across my path. I have to show that love and...
  8. peachcreek

    Chefs! Show me your shoes!

    Our friends, our saviors, our sworn allies... our shoes. I am old school and go for my Troentorp cooking clogs. I know.... almost time for a new pair! So... who is next?
  9. peachcreek

    It Never Gets Old.

    The thrill of the line on a Saturday night. Your 1000th burn. Walking out the door tasting the crusted salt of dried sweat on your lips. The smell of food on your hands.
  10. peachcreek

    Zen And The Act Of Prep Cooking

    I pat-tied out 50# of hamburger this afternoon.The owner said to me today 'You are the most patient person I've ever seen do that'. I said 'you wanna hear a joke? What is the difference between Transcendental Meditation and me pat-tying out burgers? She asked me what.. and my reply was '$12.00...
  11. peachcreek

    The simplest thing.

    People ask me what my favorite dish or meal is. I always say the same thing. 'I have never gotten over good bread with butter.' From today, I made a loaf of a country style white. Handmade butter from a local farm stand.
  12. peachcreek

    Happy Pie Day!!!

    Today is Pie Day. Not Pi Day. Since I have a lot of time at home I decided to keep celebrating home baking and make a pie. Or two. My work was rewarded with a Chocolate Whisky Walnut Pie and a Wild Blueberry Tart. Cheers everybody! Peachcreek
  13. peachcreek

    Cookie Season!!!!!

     Is anybody in cookie making mode? All done with? Just beginning? Yesterday I needed to get myself in the mood to make my Christmas cookies. So in the spirit of 'do something while you figure out what to do next' I managed to make a quick pan of chewy yet crispy chocolate chips. Today I'm off...
  14. peachcreek

    Dumb food humor.

    Last Summer: My son today... We're in the grocery store getting stuff for the bbq and I buy some cabbage and he says 'Don't be breaking any Salad Rules! " I look at him funny... Salad Rules??" And he says 'Yeah, haven't you heard of Coles' Law?"
  15. peachcreek

    What are you doing this winter?

    I have to edit down my resume. People see my work history and make assumptions that I must need a management position or a chef position when the truth is I'm retired and am looking for whatever small job I'm applying for. I took a job for the winter as a dishwasher working for a foreign family...
  16. peachcreek

    December Cooking Challenge: Custard

    I love this topic. Get 5 people who cook in a room together and bring up the subject and get ready for opinions to fly. So all the people who have spent parts of their lifetime to perfecting and to those who aspire to make a better one.... everybody.... lets talk custards! These can be baked...
  17. peachcreek

    What Do You Think Is Your Bigging Improvement In Cooking/Baking In 2016?

    For me it was working on my gluten free and vegan baking. This year I had a large percentage of guests on special diets. The biggest two were people who were vegan and people who were a gluten free diet. So I ended up experimenting, finding recipes, practicing on getting my breads and desserts...
  18. peachcreek

    At what point is a person a 'Chef"?

    Okay, so whats in a name. When is a Chef a Chef? Is it with enough time working in foodservice capacities? Is it receiving a paper from an institute or school? Is it when customers decide what food a person makes rises to a certain level? Is it when other chefs finally decide you are one...
  19. peachcreek

    What will be the BIG HUGE TREND for 2017????

    Okay, all you professionals out there. Peachcreek here. So what will it be? The next 'big' thing that will overtake trendy restaurants and food media like a bad case of shingles? Me? My prediction? Its out there. 'Reiki your Food'. The Reiki restaurant is coming. Be prepared. Be...
  20. peachcreek

    Not new, but gone long enough to need a re-introduction.

    Hello again. I'm Peachcreek. I used to chat here a while back. I moved from the Rockies to New England. Now I'm soaking up the culture and nuances of Vermont. At this point in my ongoing exploration of fun places to cook I've ended up now as a private cook for guest rentals. In a way all my...
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