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  1. harpua

    Turning a house into a food manufacturing establishment

    Any special permits needed for the gelato machine?
  2. harpua


    Love sumac! Easy to use too. The easiest is to toss them with sliced onions and call it a condiment.
  3. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    Congrats Mike9!! I wanted so bad to embrace this challenge. I love to make fresh pasta and all things Italian. Time sure got away from me thanks to trying to start a business and a 4 month old baby. I hope to participate more in the next challenge.
  4. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    I live in Pasadena but haven't tried the place. I almost got take out from there recently but opted for peruvian instead. I will try it soon and report back!
  5. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    So I made an "Italian fried rice." Don't kill me. It was like a reverse pilaf because I had a bunch of cooked rice. It was DELICIOUS. Meatballs in the middle. It was a damn good meal.
  6. harpua

    What did you have for dinner?

    Yogurt pancakes, blueberry topping, whipped cream. So good.
  7. harpua

    Smoked turkey leg skin

  8. harpua

    Smoked turkey leg skin

    I have a Weber charcoal kettle, so I'm building the smoker myself. I usually use the snake method. Shorter snakes for chickens or turkeys. Today I'm smoking a pork loin at the same time. My temps are usually 220-250.
  9. harpua

    Smoked turkey leg skin

    How do I get a good bite through skin for my turkey legs? I usually have to pull it back. I've already brined them overnight; should I spritz with vinegar mixture or just cook them slower?
  10. harpua

    Selling ice cream in breweries

    I don't mean the breweries that are only open for tours. What we have here on the west coast are microbreweries that are usually set up in a large industrial warehouse which is then opened up to the public to buy pints of beer and hang out. People bring their kids. They have outdoor and indoor...
  11. harpua

    What did you have for dinner?

    Country style ribs. It's like a shoulder but sliced into strips.
  12. harpua

    What did you have for dinner?

    Smoke 'em Saturday! Trying to redeem myself from the "blackened" chicken last week. Smoked country style ribs with Texas rub, grilled peaches, corn, coleslaw and bloody Marys. Made a little vinegary sauce for the pork. Pretty damn good.
  13. harpua

    Oily brownies

  14. harpua

    What are you listening to these days?

    Raffi and sesame street songs, with some Willie Nelson mixed in there.
  15. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    I mean, if we are restricted to "authentic" Italian dishes, what about the fresh pasta I make with a sauce thrown together with what I already have. Is that not Italian? Is that not the Italian way? Spaghetti with meatballs and chicken parm should most definitely be allowed 😚
  16. harpua

    Caramelized pie crust for ice cream

    I have that book! I'll take a look. That's interesting. Thanks.
  17. harpua

    Long Term challenge?

    Sounds fun! I'm on board with fermentation, not much charcuterie.
  18. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

    My favorite!!! Nice.
  19. harpua

    July 2020 Challenge - Italy

  20. Yuzu Key Lime Pie, Shiso gel

    Yuzu Key Lime Pie, Shiso gel

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