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  1. gonefishin

    I need help finding really good alligator in Louisiana! Memphis/NoLa/Western Louisiana Trip

       First off, I hope the people in Louisiana are recovering from Hurricane Isaac, my thoughts and prayers are with them during these tough times.   I do have a trip already planned to Memphis, then New Orleans.  During this time we also plan to go out to Avery Island, on the way is Pierre Part...
  2. gonefishin

    I have to wife is getting pretty good at baking :)

        Hello all!   I love to cook...but I'm not much of a baker.  I do like making homemade bread...and an occasional odd item.  So my wife usually bakes.  Scratch brownies, pies (hmmm, pies are usually my thing).  But she is really getting this baking thing down.    For my sons...
  3. gonefishin

    A proud father... (happy father's day to all)

    A proud father My son turned seven and his birthday party was today. He had wanted a bow for a few years, and I haven't shot archery myself in close to thirty years. Today he received his bow and we went shooting. He took to light instruction very well. This first time out the sights on his bow...
  4. gonefishin

    Breaking down deer

        Hi all,     With hunting spots dwindling down to nearly nothing in my area there's not many decent places to hunt anymore, unless you know someone with decent property.  But I didn't hunt that much before, but my brother did.  Even though he doesn't have any hunting property anymore, he...
  5. gonefishin

    Seasons Greetings to all

         I haven't been checking in at ChefTalk as much these last few days.  The kids are off from school, it's the holiday season and there is plenty to do.  We've had a little snow in the Chicago area and have to take advantage of it when we can.    From my family to yours...Happy Holidays to...
  6. gonefishin

    Ma Gastronomie, good for a home cook?

        Hello all,    I can be a bit odd when it comes to buying cookbooks, or books that concern food.  I don't want to end up with an excess of books that I never read...or rarely use.  Instead, I would like a small selection of books that I aim to own.  Many times I'll check books out of my...
  7. gonefishin

    Doesn't anyone like catfish?

       Why is catfish getting a bad rap?     It seems nearly every person I've talked to about eating fish all have a similar view about catfish.  Yuk, I don't care for catfish at all...give me any other fish to eat instead of catfish!    Then, usually I'm making either catfish poorboys, catfish...
  8. gonefishin

    Exotic ribs or shoulder

        Hi all,     There are few things better than some nice bbq.  With help from a lot of members here I've gotten to the point where I'm quite comfortable with my ribs and shoulders.  One could always improve and get more consistent, but I'm happy with the results I'm currently getting.     ...
  9. gonefishin


       If there's ever a day that I can think of to say a prayer for all the people in the world, it's today.  So many people from so many different parts of the world were/are effected by the tragedy that happened on this day in the year 2001.  So many people of the world lost their lives, family...
  10. gonefishin

    Something is eating my tomatoes!

        Hi All,   I have two gardens, one at home...and one at work.  The soil at work isn't all that great (ph too high) but I'm trying to address that each year.  Besides having the soil problems we also have some heavy winds too (which doesn't seem to help much)    Having a few strikes against...
  11. gonefishin

    Acetaia San Giacomo at The City Olive in Chicago

        For anyone interested Acetaia San Giacomo will be represented, by owner Andrea Bezzecchi, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at The City Olive.  This is a second annual event and reservations cost $20.00.  Light hors d'oeurves will be served by Cere's Table and Lamrusco wine from the region.   ...
  12. gonefishin

    how well will a yanagi fit into my household?

        Hi guys!  I'm back in the knife forum again...which means I've been getting the itch to get a new knife.  Since I generally work quite slowly I don't plan on purchasing for a while...but would like to do my homework now.        I've been kicking around the idea of getting a yanagi.  I...
  13. gonefishin

    ...and a GOAL!

  14. gonefishin

    transplanting wild asparagus?

       Hi all,     This was a horrible year for picking wild asparagus!  Nearly ever road that had asparagus on it at one time has been mowed, cut down, replanted with grass, or house on it.    But there are a few plants that I came across while driving around, although they were too mature to cut...
  15. gonefishin

    White pasta fagioli

       Hi all,   I'm looking to explore into the world of white pasta fagioli.  Has anyone got a good recipe that could prove to be a good point to start exploring the flavors of this beautiful soup?       I would prefer to use dried beans, but if the recipe uses canned I can substitute after I'm...
  16. gonefishin

    Your knife of choice

       We've all seen you use different knives on Iron Chef America and your various cooking shows throughout the years, but what is your knife of choice (type/maker) at home?    How do you regard caring for them (freehand, system, send them out) and what's your stone set look like?    enjoy the...
  17. gonefishin

    What do you choose to plant in your garden(s) at home?

         With so many things available to you, I'm curious what you choose to grow in your garden(s)?   Is there anything that you would like to grow, but haven't?    thank you     enjoy the food!     dan
  18. gonefishin

    The way you eat is truly inspiring

        I believe we are what we eat.  But there is also a large part of us that is what our mothers gave us while we were infants, children and adults.      Mario, thanks for taking this time to share with us, here at ChefTalk...and Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers in all of our lives.   I...
  19. gonefishin

    I'd like to hear your views about nitrates that we consume

           I know that I certainly have my views on nitrates in things that we consume.  But for now I'd like to hear what some others have to say on the subject.  They say that in an average diet we get over 70% of our nitrates from vegetables, drinking water accounts for about 21% and 6% in meats...
  20. gonefishin

    Chicago; Save this restaurant! Takashi's

            I first started looking into this restaurant after DuckFat brought it up in another thread.  It's in an area that could be a little tough for restaurant, but that seems to be S L O W L Y changing.  To date, I still haven't eaten there...but it is on my To Go list.    Well, I'm about to...
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