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    Alinea To Go

    Nice plating, Nicko! $50 a person is certainly a great price, certainly cheaper than dining there :0 cheers
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    What are you listening to these days?

    Been listening to Jeff Hamilton albums lately.
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    Merry Christmas To All!!!

    Merry Christmas to you too
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    What can I make as a bright red base?

    I agree with the thought of perfecting the techniques that you use, instead of trying to add another something. I would suggest perfecting your technique and possibly/maybe/you don't have to... serve with a glass of red wine. But you better pick a nice pairing there too.
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    Sausage. Types and Techniques

        Thanks Peachcreek.  The brats were a pork, veal, milk and egg recipe.  We were looking for a specific subtle tasting bratwurst and this recipe really fit the bill.  The veal was a 1/8" grind and then mixed in with the eggs, milk and spices to mix and make up the slurry.  Then put the veal...
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    Is it possible to make an extract from beer.

       That really is a question that needs to be answered.  Wonder if the poster is still out there?    Hey, original poster...come back
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    Is it possible to make an extract from beer.

        The recipe almost reads like a modified brew in a bag instruction.  When talking about adding additional brewing water to make volume, only way I would consider it, is dealing with a thin sparge.  If you drop below the 2.5 into 2.0P range (or below 1.010 - 1.008)'re better off...
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    Sausage. Types and Techniques

    Planethoff,   It sounds like you enjoy making sausage.  I would urge you to get a dedicated stuffer, as it's been it's an easy one man job to pump out small batches.  But also get a different grinder.  Even if it's a cheaper one like the LEM 575W...that grinder still does a decent...
  10. Sausage. Types and Techniques

    Sausage. Types and Techniques

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    ScreenHunter_64 Dec. 06 08.39.jpg

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    Curing Salt

          I use both Prague #1 and Prague #2...both are pink in color!  With this...don't assume on interpreting a shade of a color pink.  They really should have made #1 pink and #2 orange...or something completely different as they aren't interchangeable.  If your butcher mentioned it's for...
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    Is it possible to make an extract from beer.

       Hi Meez,    4.1, 4.2 is right in line with where Guinness dry stout is.  Stouts don't fit the category because of any high amount of base malt, it's the specialty grains, and water profile.  You can certainly get a stout that has a higher ABV than a Guinness dry stout, Russian Imperial...
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    Sausage. Types and Techniques

       Mike pretty much covered it.  Using a grinder for stuffing is simply the wrong tool for the job.  It can be used, but shouldn't have ever been given the attachments to do so.  When stuffing, it heats the meat up too much.  While I do love my isn't the best grinder either...
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    Why does certain red meat once cooked have a liver taste as an end result and how can we get rid of

          Hello Betty,   My experience with beef and pork is that the feed can have a drastic effect on variation in taste.  Until I started finding some nice local farms, I too ate grass fed beef from the stores.  Any store from Whole Foods, European Markets and others.  All of their grass fed...
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    March 2016 Challenge - BEEF

       from a neighbors farm...    Beef!
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