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  1. leianne Valentines Menu Contest Thread

    Me too!  Thoroughly enjoyed seeing other people's style and ideas.  I think everyone did a great job.  Congrats Tigerwoman and Shroomgirl...well deserved. 
  2. leianne Valentines Menu Contest Thread

    What?   All this pointless bickering.  I didn't see any pics of your menu either.  Who cares?  Why would I make up a random menu and grocery list if I was not planning on executing it?  I live on the East Coast and enjoy Southern that is what I made.  Taking advantage of local...
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  5. leianne Valentines Menu Contest Thread

    Valentine's Day in front of a blazing fireplace, romantic classical music playing soft in the background.  Red linen tablecloth, white china, nicest silver and crystal.  Crystal vase in middle of table holds the winter red and white Casablanca Lillies.  Nice Reisling Wine and Prosecco Sparkling...
  6. leianne

    10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker

    Ok now that's just downright embarrassing x3!
  7. leianne

    10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker

    Geekosystem is just a site to find lots of non traditional info...including food.  This week is liquid bagels I believe.  Was recommended by Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman)...don't ask LOL.
  8. leianne

    10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker

    1. Oatmeal A dead simple recipe, but with the twist of adding a tea bag for flavor. Clearly, whoever wrote this coffee maker recipe is a stone-cold pro. He’s been there, he’s seen things, he’s lived to tell about it, and he needs some orange flavored oatmeal to do it. Things that make you go...
  9. leianne

    Reviving old recipes

  10. leianne

    Reviving old recipes

    Lol...the great flopping  thread   Umm consomme soup?  Chipped beef sandwiches?  Any questions?  Any answers?  Anyone care for a dinner mint? Li'l help?
  11. low country boil.gif

    low country boil.gif

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  13. leianne

    Reviving old recipes

    Any old favorite comfort foods you miss seeing on restaurant menus?  A few come to mind for me: Piroshki sandwiches; Welsh rarebit; Southern sweet potato pie.  How about you? Piroshki's
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  15. leianne

    As if the Food Network wasn't enough of a joke already!

    LOL....and for dessert?  An equally challenging recipe.  It's nothing like the southern cookin' nanny raised me on!
  16. Old oyster house Daufuskie Island, SC.gif

    Old oyster house Daufuskie Island, SC.gif

  17. south carolina oyster-festival.jpg

    south carolina oyster-festival.jpg

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    southern banana pudding.jpg

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    sweet potatoe fries.jpg

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