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  1. harpua

    Smoked turkey leg skin

    How do I get a good bite through skin for my turkey legs? I usually have to pull it back. I've already brined them overnight; should I spritz with vinegar mixture or just cook them slower?
  2. harpua

    Caramelized pie crust for ice cream

    I'd like to make a fruit pie flavored ice cream and I want the pie crust to stay as crispy as possible in the ice cream. If I caramelize the pieces, should that do the trick? I don't want to coat this flavor in chocolate, but I suppose cocoa butter might work? I know I'll have to try it out to...
  3. harpua

    Selling ice cream in breweries

    Hi everyone! Its time to seriously consider doing my own thing. I just had a baby, AND during quarantine I've had a lot of time to think and dread going back to my job. It pays great but I just really hate it. Im grateful, but over it! So, I need your help in identifying any problems to solve...
  4. harpua

    January Cooking Challenge: Chile Peppers!

    That’s right! I’m a spice fanatic, but it doesn’t mean we are limited to spicy here. This includes mild forms of chiles like bell or Anaheim. Make a spicy paste, roast your hatch chiles, blow out your palate with ghost peppers! This is going to be fun...
  5. harpua

    Countertop baguette roller

    Hello! I need recommendations for a dough roller; one that not only sheets it but spits it out with the rolled up head start. We only do baguettes so I’m hoping there is a less expensive smaller countertop option. Thanks in advance.
  6. harpua

    Dark and white chocolate "A'Peels"

    So I was brought in to "fix" a bakery and I inherited a few boxes of these A'peels, as well as two buckets of Ivoire coating chocolate. I don't like throwing things away and these guys are taking up space. I like simplicity and want to just narrow down to my decent chocolate. These melt down...
  7. harpua

    The Beer Thread

    Hello! It’s summer now and I’d like to start a beer thread. Likes, dislikes, photos, different beer style discussions, etc... I’ll start! I’m on a hazy IPA kick lately. This beer is from New England, where hazys originated. Very light.
  8. harpua

    Looking for Pastry Chef gig in Santa Barbara

    I’m moving to Santa Barbara in July. Currently looking for a pastry chef opportunity. Thank you!
  9. harpua

    Dry ice display

    I have a wedding coming up with mini milkshakes and mini baked Alaskas. I’d like to keep them cold in some sort of dry ice thing. I’ve done some stuff with it in the past, but it wasn’t really functional, only for show. I would kind of like it to be functional. I tried putting dry ice in a 400...
  10. harpua

    Sweet by Ottolenghi and Helen Goh

    Received this for my birthday after asking for it. It’s a gorgeous book from the author of Jerusalem and those flavors and textures are right up my alley! So far I’ve put the sesame brittle into play for a ladies luncheon with a coconut panna cotta. We had guests asking to take some brittle...
  11. harpua

    Tiramisu word origin

    So we all know that tiramisu means “pick me up,” but a temp I was talking to (FOH even), explained to me that it meant it in a different way. Instead of it being an eye lifter, he says the single young ladies in the piazza would eat it as a signal to the young men that they wanted to be “picked...
  12. harpua

    My arms are going to fall off!

    I've been in this business a long time now, and I'm really starting to get worried about the physical repercussions associated with pastry work. My arms fall asleep all the time, my wrists pop and tingle and who knows when my back will finally give out (I've been lucky). I can't do another...
  13. harpua

    Classic Gingerbread.. how do you like it?

    Hello all! I'm on a gingerbread kick.. I can't get enough of that smell when it's in the oven. Just wanted to see what y'all are into out there. Do you add oj zest? 5 spice? Buttermilk? Fresh ginger? I'm serving it soon with a lemon cream and thinking about making the cake itself more...
  14. harpua

    Eataly LA job opportunity...o

    I'm torn. I currently have a picture perfect job with benefits that is 7 minutes from my home. The work would be great, except every other aspect is slowly killing my soul. I'm on the hunt. I have an opportunity to interview for the pastry chef position at Eataly. I've always made fun of it for...
  15. harpua

    Any tips you've got for cutting a grip of pies would be greatly appreciated.

    So I'm a one woman show with no assistants. I don't mind making 50 pies, but the anticipation of cutting each 10" double crust pie into 12 pieces and still having them look good gives me night sweats. It's the worst part. I'm not sure if there is a better way than I'm doing now but I thought I...
  16. harpua

    Nice restaurants in Paris?

    We rented an apartment in Montmartre for a few weeks and we want to go out once or twice to a fine restaurant. I'm talking cheese carts and the whole caboodle. Any suggestions and good experiences to share?
  17. harpua

    It happened to me.

    Hello fellow unemployed. My hourly pastry cook stays on, I, the pastry chef gets the boot. Oh well... maybe it's time for a career change? :(
  18. harpua

    The perfect baguette

    So we cut off ordering bread for the restaurant and I'm set out to make the perfect baguette. I have a recipe, I have a starter, I have the prefect crust and the perfect flavor, but I don't have the holes of varying sizes in my baguette. Ya know, like the characteristic of ciabatta, but not...
  19. harpua


    I want to do passionfruit and blueberry spherifications as part of a valentine's plate. I played around with it yesterday; mixing calcium chloride with the water, the puree with sodium alginate and something else to cut the acidity (can't remember the name of it). I tried it 2 different times...
  20. harpua

    Patisse Slow Set Pecin

    How do I use this? Can I use it for pate de fruit? Why is "slow set" different? Can't find too much info online about it...
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