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  1. milton yang

    Going to Japan

    I'm going to Tokyo in a couple weeks and to take full advantage of my time there. Is it better to buy (read cheaper) to buy sharpening stones there vs here in the US? Where should I buy stones in Tokyo? Let me be upfront here and confess that I've yet to use stones. I got my knives about 8...
  2. milton yang

    Tip of Knife Chipped Off

    My wife dropped our Hattori FH Gyuto this past weekend which resulted in the tip being chipped off.  Should I worry about bits of metal ending up in our food accidentally if I keep using it? Are there any repair options or should I be shopping for a new chef's knife at this point?
  3. milton yang

    Other Knives Needed? - Gyuto, Bread knife, ???

    I've decided on purchasing the following: 240mm Gyuto (looking to spend $150-$250)SB-105 MAC Bread Knife I think I need a 150mm Petty for fruit and vegetables.  Any suggestions for a good 150mm petty? I'm looking for something $100 or lessCould a petty be used for breaking down a chicken? I was...
  4. milton yang

    Hattori FH vs Masamoto VG vs MAC Pro Gyuto

    I'm looking to purchase my first Japanese chef's knife and am interested in purchasing one of the three knives listed in the subject.  I'd like to get everyone's thoughts as to what I'd be paying for in the Hattori FH vs the other two knives.  Is the price difference due to the name or are the...
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