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  1. linecook854

    Bouncing Back from Large Health Issues

    Anyone here have advice for getting back into the kitchen after a major health issue? With physical ailments in the kitchen particularly. Very unexpected and sudden, not prepared for it any way. I do feel blessed just to be here and really think someone was looking down on me. It's made me...
  2. linecook854

    What Books are You Referencing?

    I am looking for suggestions for professionally geared literature for pastry chef. As a sous chef I like to use the CIA textbook and the old FCI textbook when I need to look something up for classic cuisine, proper terminology and the like. I am looking for something similar that pastry chefs...
  3. linecook854

    Saute Pan Dilemma

    Feyness, Bad habits run rampant in casual kitchens. I see you're calling it a small high end restaurant but if the chef is promoting practices like that there isn't much legitimacy in the kitchen. Going from a high level of execution to a turn and burn is the toughest, most pride swallowing act...
  4. linecook854

    Spring Menu

    It depends. My regular produce vendor usually gets rhubarb that is pretty red, making a jam or compote from it results in a dark pink color. Locally, my rhubarb will have a good amount of green throughout. Green isn't necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't mean it's 'under-ripe' in the sense a...
  5. linecook854

    Spring Menu

    I am in New England and it is just starting to warm up as of yesterday, we had snow about 9 days ago. I envy your farmers market even being open this time of year, literally nothing short of cold storage vegetables are available locally. Greenhouse products may start popping up soon, weeks ahead...
  6. linecook854

    New Sous walking into a somewhat unknown work environment seeking some advice.

    I'm one more for panini's approach. I did something similar to what you've suggested in taking a more diplomatic approach and incorporating employee's opinions and making them feel overly valued. Huge mistake. Nobody showed any respect and would constantly talk sh*t despite me excelling in my...
  7. linecook854

    Praline Paste

    Any suggestions with what ti do with a can of praline paste? It was hiding in the back of the dry goods shelf. I'm not a pastry chef but the only thing that comes to mind is Paris-brest, mixing the paste with creme patisserie and softened butter as the filling.
  8. linecook854

    Entree for Two Ideas

    We often do an entree for two on special days like Valentines or New Years or even just as a special on the weekend. Execution is key as cooking times, carving if applicable and not bogging down one station (usually meat station) are the biggest concerns. Things we've done before are roasted...
  9. linecook854

    Remembering Chef Ed Buchanan

    Saddened to hear about this man's passing, R.I.P Ed. Although I did not know him in any manner other than his postings here on ChefTalk, I did specifically look for his posts. One of the most useful and insightful members on here in my opinion. You could truly tell his viewpoint was one from...
  10. linecook854

    Chefs - what do you hate about your knives and cases?!!

    I think this is a great question for me as I have hated the last 2 knife rolls I've had. As the number of knives and tools increases so does my annoyance with trying to lug them around. Some things that I wish could be fixed: -Knife roll that isn't long enough for my sujihiki with a saya. I...
  11. linecook854

    where to advance my career?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Boston so far. It's not New York but the high end dining scene has really amped up the last 12 years or so. Clio just recently closed but Craigie on Main, No. 9 Park, O Ya, L'espalier (back on track under the new ownership) and Menton bring some pretty serious...
  12. linecook854

    Cake Tester Contamination

    Agreed. Generally most bacteria can not survive at a very high salinity (such as a pint container filled with pure salt) but some have adapted to tolerate. These bacteria, like Staph, for example generally aren't food related. There is always a risk to some degree with bacteria and pathogens we...
  13. linecook854

    Cake Tester Contamination

    Hi MaxS, A pretty standard procedure is to keep your cake tester in a pint container filled with salt. The salt kills any bacteria that is on the tester. Leave it in the pint container on your station through service instead of your jacket pocket. It also never falls out like it does often if...
  14. linecook854

    purging clams, lets stop the madness

    This is something I've thought of myself as like you I've maintained marine aquariums (soft corals mostly) and am also a chef. I worked with a very stupid line cook who repeatedly killed bags of mussels and oysters by "purging" them. He would fill a shallow lexan with water and kosher salt and...
  15. linecook854

    im 53 and unemployed . love cooking and decided to go to college next september to study a 2 year ce

    Oh wow where do I even begin? In a nutshell my answer is : DO NOT DO IT! Starting at that age is going to be a big hindrance. You will not come out of culinary school ready to contribute in a kitchen, you'll be somewhat prepared for an entry level prep position at a very meager pay, starting at...
  16. linecook854

    VDay seating

    I'm not really privy as to how FOH handles our reservations for Valentines Day but we do a lot of covers and quickly. We can seat 110 people in the dining room, 15 in the library plus whatever room service orders we get. Reservations start at 5:00 (30 minutes earlier than normal) and we take our...
  17. linecook854

    When it's time to close the chapter on a young cook.

    I have had my fair share of culinary students, inexperienced aspiring chefs etc. and I try to take the time to show them proper technique, tips on working faster, insight into the industry once you climb the ranks amongst other life tips anyone can use in their ascent into the culinary world. I...
  18. linecook854

    Prepping during service

    Could you elaborate a little more on your situation? Are you working garde manger or pantry while prepping pastry?
  19. linecook854

    Mise en place at home

    At home I use plastic quart and pint containers just like I use to store mise in my reach in at work. I also save any plastic takeout containers (the high quality ones with the black bottoms and click on clear tops) as these come in very handy to store left overs in my fridge. Both of these are...
  20. linecook854


    Don't put them in the fridge as it halts the ripening process. Leave them at room temperature (putting them in a paper bag speeds up the process) and let ripen as desired. From there use them as soon as possible or put them in refrigeration only if absolutely necessary. Anything ripened whether...
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