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  1. laocook

    Recipes from Laos

    Hi KYHeirloomer, I am sorry, I have no idea if its available in the US, I have searched on Amazon but cannot find it and am not sure of what other online bookstores you have. There is a review on my site which can be seen at I know...
  2. laocook

    Kaffir Lime Leaves & Galangal

    FYI, Galangal freezes very well, the powdered and dried stuff are not worth your efforts. As mentioned above, many Asian grocers will carry it. Kaffir Lime Leaf powder and its dried version have nothing to compare with the fresh or frozen type. It lends a nice light tangy and aromatic taste to...
  3. laocook

    Recipes from Laos

    This is a good book, there should be more books on Lao Cuisine! Another notable book is from the Makphet Restaurant which is based in the capital Vientiane. Its a training restaurant borne from Friends International. The book is not only about the recipes of the restaurant, its a collection of...
  4. laocook

    Help! Pigs Feet, Trotters, Pied de Porc...

    Hello y´all and seasons greetings. I have been "stalking" the forum for a while and have now decided to join up! I wonder if anyone can help me. I have just returned from a trip to Brussels and in a small brasserie just off the Grand Place had a dish that was called Pied de Porc Grillé. I...
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