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  1. peachcreek

    Labor/time estimates?

    I think what I'd do if I were to be delivering food like that would be to text pics of each entree, freshly packed, and how it looks and have my 'before' timestamped pics. That way if it sat around for and hour or more once I left it there at least I had proof it once looked as it should. As...
  2. peachcreek

    What is your preferred swag????

    A Chef Talk Buff! Tessa -A Buff Wearer....
  3. peachcreek


    'What are environments that show the right and wrong way to prevent a higher bacteria count?" I'll take Basic Food Handling Safety for $300, Alex......"
  4. peachcreek

    Steak Seasoning - Cloning a Commercial Product... help with pepper and smokiness

    You can also try smoking your own coarse salt. It isn't that hard to do. It doesn't burn!
  5. peachcreek

    Cake Layers Not Sticking Together

    Do you brush your cake layers with napage? The extra moisture and stickiness might help the mousse adhere better and help avoid slipping layers.
  6. peachcreek

    Potato skins

    I baked the potatoes, cooled them, cut in half and scoop out the innards, then deep fry the skins till the flesh is golden brown. I reserved the potato innards for potato salad. The potatoes were covered in grated cheddar cheese, chives and bacon bits and I put them in a hot oven to melt the cheese.
  7. peachcreek

    Potato skins

    Potato skins.
  8. peachcreek

    What are the best pastry jobs for single mothers of young children?

    My first thought would be to try looking at someplace that does production baking, like a gourmet grocery store or a bakery. Someplace busy enough they need bakers and pastry people day and night. Also you get lots of practice doing large quantity production, which is always good to have...
  9. peachcreek

    Name 3 foods that that used to be cheap, but now aren't.

    Avocados. Chicken backs, necks, and wings. Chipped Beef. Next....
  10. peachcreek

    What are alternative cuts for bbq?

    Grilled brie
  11. peachcreek

    Name 3 foods that that used to be cheap, but now aren't.

    Avocados. Chicken backs, necks, and wings. Chipped Beef. Next....
  12. peachcreek

    How How How do you keep produce fresh?

    I have had good luck keeping my fresh herbs in a cooler or in a cardboard box to keep the herbs from getting too cold in the walk-in. Also, not taking my produce in and out of the fridge... Cold produce comes out, moisture forms on it, produce goes back in the walk-in, that condensation causes...
  13. peachcreek

    Burrs on wood cutting boards

    The board can be carefully sanded with 220 grit sandpaper, then oiled with mineral oil. Hope this helps.
  14. peachcreek

    Chicken Wings

    Yup...what liz and chefwriter said.
  15. peachcreek

    How should I make my next loaf suck less?

    That definitely looks under-proofed to me. So it needs to raise more before baking.
  16. peachcreek

    Career Change?

    You'll make more money in nursing than baking. But I understand why you might decide to take on something aside from nursing. Honestly? Before you make a big move like that, is there any way you can get some experience in a culinary or baking setting to see how you like working and having to...
  17. peachcreek

    Mardi Gras

    Chicory coffee and beignets! And you have plenty of time to make a King Cake.
  18. peachcreek

    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    My first attempt at Shoyu ramen. Short rib soaked in pineapple juice, soy sauce, fresh garlic and ginger, then braised. Dry bag o' noodles. I used that broth for the ramen. Egg came out great. Tasty, all around.
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