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  1. mystic

    Best electric kettle or thermos to keep tea hot?

    Hello all, I am seeking a way to keep tea hot for at least 16 hours. I have searched and searched the net looking at everything I can find and it's reviews but can't find anything so I am hoping you guys here might be able to recommend something please? To clarify I need something in which I...
  2. mystic

    I need a good meat cleaver sharpener

    Hello, I bought this Spevorix cleaver: It is everything as stated in the description, great chopper. What I need now is a good sharpener which will work specifically with this type of cleaver or steel. I have arthritic hands so manual sharpening is very difficult for me there I am seeking a...
  3. mystic

    Any good meat cleaver which does not need sharpening?

    Hello, I have 2 meat cleavers, one is lighter and the other is heavy, I am sick and tired of having to sharpen them every single time after simply cutting up a chicken and to sharpen it first of all is another ordeal by itself. A could days ago I showed it to my neighbor who does construction...
  4. mystic

    Good sharpener for heavy duty meat cleaver?

    Hey guys, I am tired of spending so much time and effort trying to sharpen my meat chopper, mine is a heavy duty one and very hard to sharpen manually, it is an 8" x 3" thicker cleaver and very heavy and I am seeking some sort of a sharpening tool which will not require any or much technical...
  5. mystic

    lower end good knife for every day use?

    Hello all, I am not a chef and I don't have a big budget to buy expensive equipment, I am seeking a decent smooth edge knife for everyday use, mainly for cutting vegetables, I am wondering if this is good enough please...
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