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  1. bevreview steve

    Iron Chef America

    Anyone interested in watching Iron Chef America (April 23-25)? I'm not the biggest Iron Chef fan, but I have to admit, the hype is drawing me in :)
  2. bevreview steve

    Chew gum in Singapore!

    Click for full story When I first got my braces in 6th grade, I had to give up chewing gum. Since I never really learned how to blow bubbles, it wasn't a big deal for me. After I got my braces off, I never really got back into the habit. Every now and then, I'll chomp on some chewing gum...
  3. bevreview steve

    Retracing the route

    Hi Leslie... thanks so much for spending time here. Great to have the interaction. I was wondering if you have spent time traveling over the route taken by Lewis and Clark, and if so, did this have any effect in how you approached writing your book?
  4. bevreview steve

    Mountain Dew LiveWire

    Looks like oranage Mountain Dew is coming. Have these "line extensions" of popular drinks gotten out of hand?
  5. bevreview steve Restaurant Service

    Has anyone seen or read anything about's new restaurant service? I see that it is in beta, and they are still tweeking it, but I just found it interesting.
  6. bevreview steve

    Website Address Name Game

    Time for some fun here in The Late Night Cafe! This game is simular to others that you've probably played online, but there is a subtle twist. You list a website address in your post. The next person has to list website address that BEGINS with the last letter of the previous address (not...
  7. bevreview steve

    New M&M Color

    I guess they are running an online vote over at to determine the next color to add (from what I can tell... it's a temporary addition). It's kinda funny, because they have like downloadable campaign posters and everything.
  8. bevreview steve

    Butterscotch Creme Brulee from Disney's Contemporary Resort

    This recipe was recently featured in the Orlando Sentinal, highlighting a desert from Walt Disney World:
  9. bevreview steve

    Do they make Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chips?

    Sure, you have the classic Toll House morsals, and peanut butter, and butterscotch... but I have never seen dark chocolate chocolate chips in a regular supermarket. Why is that? Are they available somewhere? Is there a conspiracy against dark chocolate? :)
  10. bevreview steve

    If not pretzels for Bush, what would be a better snack?

    I was reading a humor take on the President's pretzel choking incident yesterday (click here for article)... here is some of what was mentioned. What would be a better snack for the President? :)
  11. bevreview steve

    Super Bowl Food

    Don't know if this is the right place for this topic, but I was wondering (with the Super Bowl only 2 weeks away), what sort of spreads do you guys put out for game day. Just a bowl of chips or do you go all out? Ideas are welcomed!
  12. bevreview steve

    Wendy's Dave Thomas dies...

    Quite a bummer, I always enjoyed watching his commericals. Now I have a taste for a Frosty or something... Click here for full story
  13. bevreview steve

    Halloween Candy Deathmatch 5

    Here's our final match up... your opinions are welcomed... Starburst VS. Orange & Black Wrapper candies (Couldn't find the official name or photo of these things, but you know what I'm talking about...)
  14. bevreview steve

    Halloween Candy Deathmatch 4

    Here's our fourth match up... your opinions are welcomed... Jolly Rancher VS. Tootsie Roll
  15. bevreview steve

    Halloween Candy Deathmatch 2

    Here's our second match up... your opinions are welcomed... Bazooka Gum VS. Sweet Tarts
  16. bevreview steve

    Halloween Candy Deathmatch 1

    That's right... it's the time of year when you hope for the better candy when going trick or treating (well, at least I did). So in the spirit of free junk food, I present "Halloween Candy Deathmatch" Here's our first match up... Candy Corn VS. Bit-O-Honey
  17. bevreview steve

    Wolfgang Puck and Robert Mondavi pull out of Disney's California park...

    As a Disney theme park fan and food fan (I know, weird combination), this caught my eye yesterday.... As most fans agree, Disney's California Adventure park is quite a mess... Full story can be found here
  18. bevreview steve

    "Please rise for the singing of..."

    "... our national anthem..." [Here is where you list the song, one word per post...] ----------------------------------------- The Star-Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key, 1814 O
  19. bevreview steve

    Stem Cell Research

    This is a hot topic in the news right now... Anyone know enough to explain it and maybe venture an opinion?
  20. bevreview steve

    Knight Rider returns...

    For those of you who want to step into the "way-back" machine, here are a couple Knight Rider links... KnightRiderMovie.comKnightRegistries.comKnightRider2000.comTeamKnightRider.comKnight Rider ArchiveKnight Rider Soundtrack Enjoy!
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