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    I'm opening up a New Restaurant

    Thanks a ton :) I'll give Naukri a shot. Will need to wait out for seeing how the pandemic situation pans out in order to fix my supplies. I'm looking for custom furniture myself but i've heard they tend to cost quite a lot. Is that correct? And which make (wooden, metal or plastic) and...
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    I'm opening up a New Restaurant

    For one, I really needed help with getting a manager for the store. The permissions are pretty much sorted but I'm having trouble to choose well-priced furniture with great designs. I did have my supplies and disposables taken care of as well, but now due to the virus, I'm not sure if the...
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    Uptick in culinary interest?

    It's been 8 whole months since the pandemic started taking a toll on the world. While it has not been as harsh on me as it would have been to most (touchwood), has anyone noticed the general uptick in culinary interest? I'm seeing my nephews talking about fresh ingredients, searing, basting...
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    New to restaurant life, and need some pointers.

    Couldn't be more true. I tried this after I faced a very similar situation, worked like a charm.
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    I'm opening up a New Restaurant

    Hey Guys, I'm Kevin, I'm new to this forum and this is my very first post. I'm in the process of opening up a new themed restaurant in Gujarat, India (My Hometown). Being a beginner at this, I wanted to take opinions and suggestions from you guys over how to go about with the...
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