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    Finding your first head chef position.

    Its illegal for a bank to loan money to startups, they aren't allowed to be venture capitalists, the examiner would shut them down. They'd love to lend you your own money, if you have property they can attach or have sufficient deposits on account. It used to be possible to get loans through the...
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    Crispy croissants?

    Thats a very good result for dry yeast. Well done.
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    I can't get fresh yeast for croiss up here in the northwoods of Maine but I did manage to throw a batch of puff dough together, I got curious how long it really takes to roll all 1200 layers after watching a few youtube videos. 2 to 3 days was the consensus, what are the odds they're all wrong...
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    What did you have for dinner?

    I had 3 blueberry turnovers and I might have another. It covers all the basic food goups, buttery, flaky, sticky sweet and fruity.
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    Duck Portion

    buy smaller portions.
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    Baking gone bad

    The weather changed. The method you're employing of retarding dough for days is fraught with potential trouble, under ideal circumstances you get decent results, but as soon as something changes , like weather, you get bad results. If all else fails, follow the directions on the jar. You won't...
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    Tech entrepreneur, made a bunch of money, now want to pursue a passion

    You have an interesting story and a healthy realistic attitude but lacking real world running a restaurant type experience. Culinary school will not give you skill, they sell knowledge and degrees, thats it. Heres a couple of problems I see, or several... you don't know what you don't know...
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    He wants to make money. I rolled multiple 20 lb slabs of croissant dough almost every day and double on weekends. 30 years by hand, 20 yrs with sheeters. Danish is just a whole lot easier. Puff dough is just as simple. 8 yrs owning a catering business taught me what people are willing to pay...
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    Meat Slicer

    Keep an eye on craigslist, I saw a hobart commercial for $100 recently. Bangor Maine.
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    A sheeter is not required for viennoiserie. When you start to produce 500 daily its nice to have as a time saver. Most caterers just buy frozen minis.
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    Preservatives of frozen pizza dough with yeast?

    There are specialty yeasts that help.
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    Cancer patient nutrition

    Went through that last yr with major cancer surgery followed by a heart attack for good measure, medications can ruin taste. They gave me a diet sheet, I said it looks like I shouldn't eat food. Nurse told me she's on the same medications, she flips the sheet over and uses it to make her...
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    Recipe for Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache

    Get some rasp compound paste , add it to ganache.
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    What are the best knife set to use for home cooking?

    Old quality knives are always quality knives. I was a butcher apprentice when i was 16, they swore by carbon steel, stainless don't hold an edge as well. They ran the blades on a steel constantly. I had good knives yrs ago but they go missing if you work in big kitchens, I just use cheap...
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    Starting a new home food business

    Your house? If you have a mort the bank will not allow commercial activity. Insurance company will cancel you. Health dept will shut you down before you start. Then theres the fire dept. We started in my partners apt in Boston, we did very well, no-one knew what we were doing, we sold direct...
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    I am weary

    make orange barrel juice.
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    Recs for small custom metal work

    Yeh, I agree... It was always done with a knife, rev' sheeters are a latter invention. On the final pass I'd roll the dough onto the 2 inch dough pin that come with the rondo sheeter, then unroll the dough on a 10 foot table, press it out with a big heavy alum rolling pin to get it even, cut...
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    Seal meat anyone?

    Sauteed in whale blubber, you'll never go back to Margarine. A baby seal walked into a club.... Bartender says "thats not funny."
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    I wouldn't assume they're right.
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    Steaks to use for banquet

    It depends on the budget. Sirloin strip roast works very nice. Easy to cook, transport and carve onsite.
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