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    Review by '' on item 'Tasting India'

    Reviewed by: Wayne Crich I have always loved Indian food but like many who have never traveled to India itself i have often wondered how authentic the Indian food i have eaten actually is. This book has convinced me of one thing to truly learn about Indian food you have to go to India. Indian...

    Review by '' on item 'The Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning Recipes from Exceptional Home Cooks'

    Review by Sharyn Harding When Merrill Stubbs was assisting Amanda Hesser on The Essential New York Times Cookbook they realized that some of the best recipes had come from home cooks.  Perhaps it’s that whole necessity-as-the-mother-of-invention that gets mothers tweaking recipes to make them...

    Review by '' on item 'Bill's Everyday Asian'

    Reviewed by Wayne Crich. Bill Granger has had quite a remarkable background. Today he is a successful restaurateur and well recognized chef. His books have an international audience and he appears regularly on television in many countries. His smile and casual manner are seen in his cooking and...

    Review by '' on item 'Healthy Cooking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America'

    Reviewed by Cami Rawlins I was really excited to get this book in the mail. I am always looking for ways to make my meals healthier for myself and my family.  I was especially happy because it is written by the Culinary Institute of America. I am a big fan of their cookbooks because they seem...

    Review by '' on item 'Plenty: Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi'

    Veggies For Carnivores Reviewed by Elaine Luti A vegetarian cookbook by a meat-eater – this should be interesting!   And it is.   I love meat.  I’m not crazy about stews and complex meat dishes - I like my meat simply grilled or roasted and juicy, so I don’t generally look for meat recipes...

    Review by '' on item 'Italian Cooking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America'

    Reviewed by Sharyn Harding Italian food for dinner?  Sì, grazie. I grew up on Italian food, though the very Americanized version.  It has only been as an adult that I have discovered more authentic Italian dishes and grown to love those, too. Italian Cooking is part of the Culinary Institute...

    Review by '' on item 'Gourmet Meals in Minutes'

    Reviewed by Cami Rawlins Does sitting down to a lovely gourmet meal every night of the week sound like your idea of culinary bliss? Are you wondering how your bank account and waist line can handle such frivolity? Look no further, the Culinary Institute of America has put out a true gem that...

    Review by '' on item 'The French Laundry Cookbook'

    Reviewed by Nicholas Beebe During a relatively slow lunch, I was chatting with my chef at the time. “So I saw a YouTube video yesterday of Thomas Keller demonstrating how to blanch green beans,” I told him, “He's standing there with a little pot of water and green beans, watching them boil. He...

    Review by '' on item 'One World Vegetarian Cookbook'

    Reviewed by Sharyn Harding I love vegetables, but I love all of the other categories of food, too.  So, sometimes getting the recommended 5 servings a day just doesn’t happen and having the occasional meatless meal seems like a good solution.  One World Vegetarian by Troth Wells is a book that...

    Review by '' on item 'Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book: Her Biggest Ever Collection of All-New 30-Minute Meals Plus Kosher Me'

    Reviewed by Pamela Grant I have never been a huge fan of TV cooks, nor have I been a huge fan of those cooks who use to many shortcuts (canned items or pre prepared items) to make a “unique” signature dish.   I am from a bygone era, where making wholesome homemade food from scratch with the...

    What to bring home from Greece??

    I totally forgot about the amazing honey. Yes get some of that.

    Review by '' on item 'The Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the World'

    Reviewed By: Ruben Urias The Sommelier Prep Course takes a comprehensive look at wine producing regions of the world.  The book examines the soil, grapes, and climate of each region and how they combine to give a country its wine identity.  It reads like a textbook with topic reviews and...

    Review by '' on item 'Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century'

    Written by Pam Grant The Wal-mart probably won’t close down within a few weeks, and your local grocery store will still carry all the items you have come to count on, but just imagine for a moment that those places were no longer there.  What would you do?  How would you eat? Could you survive...
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    Review by '' on item 'Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family'

    Reviewed by Sara Powell   Christy Jordan, like many new cookbook authors, originally claimed an audience on her blog about Southern cooking.  Espousing quick, comforting meals for families, she quickly gained a following that caught the eye of a publisher.  Now her recipes are available in book...

    Review by '' on item 'Planet Barbecue: 275 Recipes, 53 Countries, 6 Continents of Great Flavor'

    Reviewed by Brook Elliott "Hey, dummy. How come you didn't think of that?" Anytime a cookbook makes me think that even once it scores highly in my mind. I don't mean to suggest that I don't learn from virtually every cookbook I read. But it's one thing to discover a sophisticated, perhaps...

    Review by '' on item 'Wedding Cake Art and Design: A Professional Approach'

    Reviewed by Sharyn Harding Aaahh..the wedding cake, a source of so much stress for so many brides-to-be. And a nice source of extra income for so many aspiring bakers. Wedding Cake Art and Design by Toba Garrett is a good reference book for someone thinking of going into business creating...

    Review by '' on item 'Supermarket Vegan: 225 Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes for Real People in the Real World'

    Reviewed by: Ruben Urias Supermarket Vegan is a cookbook that shares satisfying, vegan recipes for everyday living. With little introduction, author Donna Klein dives right into the book with her complete meal recipes from appetizers through desserts. The recipes are geared towards those who...

    Review by '' on item 'Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, & Scuppernong Wine: The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cookin'

    Reviewed by Adam Goldsmith Many years ago I went to the home of a friend in Virginia for Sunday dinner. It was there I was introduced to dish called spoon bread. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the dish. It reminded me of cream of wheat, grits, and a Jewish holiday dish, potato kugel. It...

    Review by '' on item 'Farm to Fork: Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh'

    Reviewed by Pamela Grant Television Chefs! Say those two words and many people will have one of two reactions. They either love them or hate them. I have mixed feelings about those chefs who make their living on the cable TV food related networks. I take each TV chefs work individually...
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