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    Wild salmon

    Hi all, I’ve been poaching salmon with farm raised, and because of the high fat contact it comes out beautifully, buttery melt in your mouth. Now when I prepare wild salmon the same way, even cooking it to only 125 degrees the fish still comes out dry and bland, doesn’t pick up the flavor from...
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    Garlic in vinegar overnight

    Is it okay to make balsamic vinaigrette, by pouring vinegar in container, adding salt and pepper, raw garlic and then adding oil (garlic stays in vinegar, is separate from evoo) and leave it overnight to get a nice flavor? Is there a concern for botulism this way ? Or would I get the same...
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    When you want to give up

    Hi I’m new here. Been running this kitchen at current job for 3plus years. This week, I lost one cook to health issues, another cut one day off her schedule for family reasons, and another solid long time cook to moving on to other things in his life. This leaves me and 2 prep cooks..resumes im...
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