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  1. ocdshaver

    Chocoflex - invert sugar

    I have been trying to work with a raspberry ganache from Bachour’s “Chocolate” book. The recipe works just fine but for the fact that he suggests to fill silicone molds with it and freeze it. The recipe contains invert sugar and it never solidifies enough in the freezer to unmold it. I’m using a...
  2. ocdshaver

    Another plea for knife reccomendation

    I know everyone likes to talk knives so I won't feel too bad asking for advice. I've been using western/German/French knives up to this point. They are great but I would like to get a Japanese chef knife. I would like it to be at or close to 10 inches. I'd like it close to a traditional western...
  3. ocdshaver

    Another plea for advice on knives

    I'd be more apologetic for making another request to provide input on knives but people like talking knives anyway. For starters, I've been using old school German and French knives. They are great but I'm looking for a Japanese knife that is thinner. I want the knife to be as traditionally...
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