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  1. martyfc

    Does anyone have favorite brand of Olive oil...or other?

    Thanks for the idea ChefBuba. Will check it out.  I have used another boutique oil and vinegar from Round Pond, also in California.  Love it, especially their vinegar selections.  If you're just able to shop the grocery stores, try Les Costes olive oil from Spain.  Nice!  Also, Ortalli Balsamic...
  2. martyfc

    Do You Cook For Your Best Friend?

    Uh, speaking of macaws.  I forgot.  Don't let her see you take the cheese container out of the fridge!  She has a loud voice and lets it be known if she doesn't get at least one little bite! It's always fun to take her for outings, get a little 'take-out' and sit at an outdoor table.  Four...
  3. martyfc

    Do You Cook For Your Best Friend?

    My macaw loves curry.  Any Indian curry is a winner, but don't give em the sauce.  Too rich.  Thai curry is a definite hit as well as Pad Thai.  The eyes flash, she says "Do you like that" and will eat a whole plate full if you let her.  The peanut sauce combined with noodles, pure macaw...
  4. martyfc

    Stianless Austrian Utensils

    Can't say as I know exactly what these are for, BUT I used to live in Austria and think you should seach Amboss flatware for an answer.  They are a known flatware maker from Austria and make very modernistic looking stainless flatware that looks similar to these photos.  They also make a wide...
  5. martyfc

    How do I clean severe stains from my stainless steel pans?

    Well, I've just returned from some vacation time, so feeling ambitious decided to give my pans a little more shine so your question seems timely.  Don't know about removing the plastic, but I would agree with the last post---don't use it, it's toxic.  In fact, if you have birds, get them out of...
  6. martyfc


    Oui, Je faisais, mais je commencais dans les tort la fin. Les bon temps ne roulez pas! I suspect they should have added something to the water when boiling????
  7. martyfc

    Meatballs with za'atar flatbread

    Mmmm-looks great.  Will try it soon! Thanks for the idea. I would not have thought about using regular flour tortillas to make middle east flatbread.  Plus, funny you mention using Panko in your meatballs.  I made some Danish Frikadellar a few nights ago and realized that I had forgotten to...
  8. martyfc

    Japanese Knife help.

    Re: BDL's comments, to me it depends on what I'm using the knife for.  I have German and Japanese blades and use them for different things.  They are all great knives and I keep them all very sharp, but must admit I am most fond of my Japanese knives. I, too, am disappointed in my global. ...
  9. martyfc


    Well, I know I'm wading in deep water here, but I need some expert opinion.  I like to cook, enjoying dining at new and interesting restaurants and enjoy trying new dishes wherever I travel.  However, in all my years, have never eaten fresh water crayfish until a couple days ago.  They were very...
  10. martyfc

    Help with side dish Ideas.

    Well, my doc wants me to cut the potatoes, bread, etc.  Result, have been branching out in side dishes and no more boring meat and potatoes, but actually enjoying the meals more and not hungry after two hours.  I like the colors to be visually appealing also, so may add beets and sauteed beet...
  11. martyfc

    Looking for some knives (yes another beginner knife thread)

    I have about 5 different brands of knives and love them all, but my personal favorite is a chef knife I received as a gift that was handmade by a small firm called Salter Fine Cutlery.  They use Japanese blades.  I have a chef knife made from a steel called ZDP-189 and a Santoku with a damascus...
  12. martyfc

    In Progress Spaghetti Recipe(Tips?)

    Hello, I am new to your forum, so enjoying my first post.  As an Italian-American whos mum was required to go live with "Momma" for a few months to learn to cook Italian food properly when she married my dad, I may be able to add a couple ideas to your sauce making adventures. First, I agree...
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