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  1. lukep

    Pancake ideas

    Agave - A good one - Ha Ha.
  2. lukep

    Pancake ideas

    BDL: agave - agave what?
  3. lukep

    Pancake ideas

    Lots of great ideas here! I am especially intrigued by the one that has the corn flour, corn and jalapeños. What would you use as an accompanying sauce or syrup?
  4. lukep

    Pancake ideas

    I usually make only sweet pancakes, not savory. I make them 1/2 whole wheat and throw in some walnuts and sometimes some flax seed if I have it. The savory pancake idea sounds interesting, but not with tuna.
  5. lukep

    Making Vinegar

    I want to start making my own vinegar. Most of what I find here in Costa Rica is synthetic (with artificial color if it is dark). You can find sushi vinegar, pasteurized cider vinegar and an insipid red-wine vinegar in the stores here. I am interested in making red wine vinegar. I have read...
  6. lukep

    What woods are good for smoking?

    Alder-smoked salmon is popular in the Pacific Northwest. You can use fruit wood as well, but usually fruit trees have a history of many pesticide sprays which are applied each year.
  7. lukep

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    I just made a banana bread. Added some grated mandarin peel. Was really great with cream cheese. You can't find banana bread here and usually the cakes are either too dry or greasy. There are a lot of bakeries I avoid. Getting a quality yeast here is difficult for making raised breads...
  8. lukep

    Recipe: Camarones a la Viagra

    That's the recipe for ceviche, but instead of lemon or lime, it uses vinegar (vinegreta). Here in Costa Rica, it is a bar food, perhaps it still functions as a picker-upper as well without the pharmaceuticals! A little reggaeton helps as well.
  9. lukep


    Whenever a jar lid pops, that is trouble. Ditch it. Don't take a chance with it. You may have not of removed all of the air bubbles in the jars before you put the lid on and either put in a boiling water bath or a pressure cooker. (Usually people use a boiling water bath for chutney). I...
  10. lukep

    Pancake ideas

    I am looking for new ideas for making pancakes. I have fallen into a rut and need something new to do. Any ideas?
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