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  1. Seoul Food

    Roshco 5 quart Heavy Duty Aluminum Pressure Cooker

    I have a hard time with pressure cookers after I saw one explode on the line. On a side note I love hunting for stuff at thrift shops as well, I recently found an All-Clad stainless roasting pan for $2.
  2. Seoul Food

    Is working part time ever a bad thing?

    Well sounds like you dodged a bullet. Bot having any time keeping system for employees and not having schedules posted ahead of time can be a big labor no-no so this I'm sure will come back to bite them when someone who knows the laws reports them.
  3. Seoul Food

    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    I think it depends a lot of the type of pan you are using and what you are cooking in it. I would use a carbon steel wok over cast for a stir-fry but a cast over carbon steel for cooking a steak. The treatment and maintenance will be about the same for both. And also don't forget to avoid highly...
  4. Seoul Food

    My wok is rusting like crazy!?!

    Yes treat it like cast. That ring you got on your counter was probably because it was still wet when it was sitting there.
  5. Seoul Food

    Need help with puff pastry

    As far as the mixing being the same, I would think so. For the flour, is the King Arthur considered a AP flour while the Sir Galahad is closer to a bread flour? That may be your difference there.
  6. Seoul Food

    Another walk in the forest! Making crème de marrons (sweet chestnut cream)

    Looks great. I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea they started out in that spiky husk thing. Makes me wonder how the squirrels get to them.
  7. Seoul Food

    New York to ban Foie Gras!

    This will probably just end up like the super sized soda ban. NY, especially the city should focus on things like high taxes and crumbling infrastructure but the people in charge will do this and pat themselves on the back. I find it laughable that a lot of times people will put more emphasis...
  8. Seoul Food

    Help needed with thick coating for shrimp

    3/8 inch on all sides? Was the product like a hush puppy with a shrimp stuffed inside? I'm having a hard time picturing this. As far as making a lighter batter you could try adding some rice flour and seltzer water for a kinda hybrid tempura. But I don't know if it will have the texture you are...
  9. Seoul Food

    virtual restaurants

    I'm sure as technology to preserve freshness quality increases you will see a lot more of this. It will be interesting to see if this naturally culls the amount of casual establishments or if more distribution type centers will open instead. I'm personally waiting for the flying noodle cart...
  10. Seoul Food

    So sad....

    Sounds interesting. I do agree 15 seems rather young as here we are asking people that are almost 18 the same thing, only their decisions ultimately can lead to years of massive student loan debt. I wish they promoted this type of schooling option more here, with the ability of students to try...
  11. Seoul Food

    Old chicken parts

    Just put a stopper in your sink and fill it up. Add a cap full of bleach and soak the chicken. You can rinse the chicken before cooking if the bleach smell bothers you but if you get the lemon scented you won't have to.
  12. Seoul Food

    BreadBot robotic bread machine

    Is it weird that I can smell your picture?
  13. Seoul Food

    BreadBot robotic bread machine

    From a technical standpoint for the industry, yes I think this is practical for certain business applications. The romantic in me despises the idea and has as unrealistic vision of little European style bakeries being the only place I will ever buy baked goods from.
  14. Seoul Food

    Bulk Cookie Prep

    Not a master baker here or anything but if I'm wrong correct me but doesn't the type of fat used in the dough also affect how they 'spread' when cooked?
  15. Seoul Food

    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    What time are your guests arriving? If it is near the lunch time I would go with the lunch minus the cake. Completely skip your mid afternoon snack course as it is. If there is going to be a significant time between when lunch ends and dinner starts you can do a small snack platter. Fruits...
  16. Seoul Food

    So sad....

    So in that scenario who decides what and when gets taught to you? Does the employer have to go by a strict curriculum based training program or is it more about skills while doing process that are specific needs of that particular business? Also what role did the government play? Did they...
  17. Seoul Food

    Is working part time ever a bad thing?

    Did they give you a written timeline on when you would revisit full time? On a side note I would be worried about getting too much hours as well and basically working as a full timer but no classification which in turn means no benefits.
  18. Seoul Food

    So sad....

    I get your points, as they are valid ones we all have to deal is. My question is how do you think mandated certifications would improve these situations? Don't take this as criticism I have genuine curiosity as I have no answers myself.
  19. Seoul Food

    So sad....

    My point on frequency of trade use is not about wage justification for the employees rather than pointing out that you cannot compare the different trades equally. Another poster was talking about how certifications and documented qualifications would merit a baseline standard for culinary...
  20. Seoul Food

    So sad....

    At least you seem to be understanding in some of the points I am trying to make. The fact of the matter is this all goes back to the premise of letting the government mandate what qualifications a cook has to have and then forcing the average line cook to go through it. It also boils down to...
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