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  1. web monkey

    Sourdough starter or just random fungus?

    I've seen a number of sourdough starter documents that recommend all sorts of procedures that reek of superstition and magic. Some use "yeast" from the air, some from grapes and I just read about one that uses pineapple and/or it's juice. With all the thousands (millions) of random bits of...
  2. web monkey

    Repair scratched surface in baking pan?

    Teflon doesn't stick to anything, even itself. When the pan is made, the manufacturer cleans and roughs-up the surface, then uses a primer, and the Teflon sticks to the primer. There is no way to repair damaged Teflon. However I'm guessing that if it belonged to your great-grandmother, it was...
  3. web monkey

    Abnormal Onion Flavor

    Are you sure it's the onion? All the recipes you listed contain multiple ingredients. You may also have multiple different problems. For example, the place for slaw is the refrigerator, not the stovetop. What are you using for pots and pans? Tinned copper was popular for a while (still?), but...
  4. web monkey

    Stand Mixer capable of kneading bread dough

    This is an old thread, but I couldn't resist. 8-) I routinely make four batches of pizza dough in one run, and each batch consists of 1Kg (2.2 lbs) of bread flour and 715ml (about 3/4 of a quart) of water and makes 4 pizzas. My KA is noisy, hot and is generally very unhappy sounding, and will...
  5. web monkey

    Shelf life of expensive sesame oil

    First, there are two kinds of sesame oil (toasted and not toasted), so make sure you get the right one. This recipe calls for toasted, which is used exclusivly when cooking is finished, as a flavoring agent. The unused oil will eventually turn rancid, and exposure to heat and/or light...
  6. web monkey

    Chef's and ego's?

    Salt isn't a metaphor, it directly addresses the OP's point. Whether it's called ego, hubris or any number of other things, when the chef values his own opinion more than that of the people who will be eating and paying for the food, the game is over and it's time to go home.
  7. web monkey

    Chef's and ego's?

    The amount of salt people prefer depends on the amount of salt they've been eating: Even within the same person, the preferred salt level changes over time. Same thing goes for the rest of the flavor profile. Just because someone wants sriracha or...
  8. The world's best pizza comes from your oven! This

    The world's best pizza comes from your oven! This

  9. web monkey

    The love is gone...I think

    All this has really drained all the passion I have left in my workplace while at the same time leaving me with a lot of doubt about whether I can hack it in a real kitchen. Most of these I believe are common problems amongst 80% of all kitchens so I'm wondering what some of you other...
  10. web monkey

    Do you prefer being faithful to a recipe's ingredient list or intent?

    First, thanks for stopping by! On television, you sometimes cook using ingredients that come from specific regions of the world, and even then, are available only during part of the year. Specific mushrooms and some veggies come to mind. When cooking in the US, where some of these ingredients...
  11. web monkey

    Stock pot question - reactivity?

    Tramontina makes a nice tall pasta/stock pot. It's all stainless, but not compeltely clad (has a hockey-puck disk on the bottom). You should be able to find it for around $40-$50. Terry
  12. web monkey

    Does pizza dough have to rise?

    The question wasn't about fast or slow rising or where it was done, the OP was asking if the dough had to rise at all. Terry
  13. web monkey

    Does pizza dough have to rise?

    If you're expecting it to taste like pizza crust, yes, it needs to rise. With no rise, you'll essentially get matzoh (or communion wafers for the "jewish-imparied" 8-) ). It will be flat and hard and more or less flavorless. Are you trying to make pizza dough and having a problem? Terry
  14. web monkey

    A system for preparing for kitchen classes...

    I wasn't suggesting setting the laptop down on the grill; printing the recipes is generally more kitchen-friendly. 8-) Terry
  15. web monkey

    Is this normal?

    "Wanting to do everything yourself" is the sign of a perfectionist who doesn't beleive anybody else could perform the task as well. Whether this is a great aspect of your personality or a mental disorder depends on whether or not you can handle delegating the tasks to others when you do have...
  16. web monkey

    A system for preparing for kitchen classes...

    Is that really a requirement? My writing is terrible and cards are much harder to edit. I'd have more luck with a recipe from memory than from little cards. My actual preference is to keep them on my computer. As for getting you to look at it, can't they just say "Everybody has to read the...
  17. web monkey

    viruses here

    Yes. It's only you. Just kidding. A well written virus is well behaved to avoid detection and you'll never know it's there. If you saw the popup, you're probably not infected. The stuff that pops up and says "You're infected, download this" is actually trying to get you to infect your own...
  18. web monkey

    Garlic - Do you mince or use a press?

    I use my knife for minced and a mortar and pestle to liquefy when making guacamole or garlic oil (for pizza). I've used presses and actually like them, but gave up after breaking several in a row, Terry
  19. web monkey

    Help!!! Bread did not rise.

    Yeast is alive, but like most other other living things is only happy in a limited rage of conditions. Whether or not your yeast does it's thing depends on if it was alive to begin with, but also on the chemical and physical properties of what you're putting it into and the physical...
  20. web monkey

    How do you store your cookbooks?

    With this. As long as Home Depot has 1x12 oak, eye hooks and chain, and I have wall perimeter, I've got room for more books. You can run this around the entire house if you want, since very few people will hit their head on a shelf that's almost 7 1/2' off the ground. An added benefit is...
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