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    Thickening sauce with gelatin

    Anyone have a decent ratio for this? Does the sauce have to go through boiling—>cooling—>reheating for the gelatin to potentiate? I feel like I’m adding a lot and not getting the final consistency I’m looking for. Inherited quite a bit of gelatin in my new dry storage situation, would rather...
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    Vendor rebates

    Am I looking at this all wrong? Seems like a BS game. A vendor rebate seems to reverse the power dynamic, put me in the position of “working” for my supplier trying to “earn” back the owner’s money through loyalty. I feel like if they have another 3% to cut, they should do it up front because...
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    Employees with health issues

    Not necessarily a kitchen- or chef-specific issue, but at what point is it not heartless to replace an employee who is regularly unable to work?
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    Pallet pricing

    Trying to secure pallets of some staple dry goods, maybe even some frozen commodities... how can I find out how many units/pallet of a particular product? I’d like to be prepared instead of being led by my vendors.
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    Tricks to poaching eggs

    hey! I’m putting a couple of ramen bowls on my new menu... 3-person line, if I include an egg it’s on the sauté... any tricks or gadgets anyone could suggest to make it as convenient as possible?
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    Baking labor

    Has anyone found it cost effective to bake complimentary breads? I understand the potential for higher quality and a personalization, but strictly (and almost literally) dollars-to-donuts... is it cost effective?
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    High perceived value/low cost proteins

    Hey everyone! Just want to start by saying I love this forum. I’ve been able to learn a lot, plus I feel I’ve had moments where I can offer something back. Im working on my winter menu, looking for some proteins to help maximize my profit margin per plate and balance some more premium products...
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    Deep frying with duck fat

    Anyone have experience with this? Looking to do fries/tots. How long does duck fat last in a fryer? Can I/should I cut it with a more cost efficient oil? What ratio has worked for you/would you suggest? Thank you
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    Cedar planks

    Id like to incorporate a cedar plank into my fall menu. I’m leaning toward using it with the pork tenderloin. It’s not something I’ve worked with before. I’m using an open grill, salamander, non-convection oven (pushing for convection in the near future, can’t assume I’ll have it). I’d love...
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    Structuring inventory and labor incentives

    This is a new chapter in my career and I’m looking for some advice. I expect that I will have access to the last year’s food cost, labor cost, and revenue going in. If these numbers are withheld, I will most likely decline the position. My questions are... is there any guideline or steadfast...
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    Interviewing New Vendors

    Hey Cheftalkers! Pretty new to the inventory management and accounting aspects of the kitchen. Overall it’s going pretty well, but I’m feeling that our vendors are a little too secure and it’s affecting their performance. I’m seeing simple requests are regularly not granted... I’ve asked that...
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    How to evaluate a potential employer

    There’s so much information available for restaurants and GMs, to help them choose the right employee. I’m in a nice situation, I’m basically interviewing a restaurant to see if I want the executive chef position. I’ve learned the hard way that unspoken or miscommunicated expectations lead...
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