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  1. gobblygook

    Salt Pork

    Checking to see if I have this right.  If not, please correct me. Fatback is from the area around the spine of the pig. Salt pork and "back bacon" are made from fatback.  The difference being that salt pork is salt cured and "back bacon" is smoke cured. Most of the bacon you see in the...
  2. gobblygook

    Professional Chef Opinions Wanted

    Could the lima beans be "shocked" into being brighter?   
  3. gobblygook

    Rubbery cheese on pizza - how fix?

    To be clear, "domino's" isn't what he was referring to when he said "pizzeria".  Grande offers a premium product and marketing collateral to their customers.  They can buy Grande without plastering it all over the place, but the marketing collateral is there to "add value" to the product by...
  4. gobblygook

    What is the big deal about "fresh" home made pasta ??

    I'm no expert, self-acclaimed or otherwise.  If you take a dried pasta, cook it until no longer crunchy, but still overly firm, pull it out of the pasta water and put in into the sauce (at a simmer) after a brief pause for draining, you will get a similar result to fresh pasta being finished...
  5. gobblygook

    In search of the perfect french fry

    McDonald's fries come from the McDonald's processor.  Everything is done to the fries except the final fry before they ever get to the restaurant.  
  6. gobblygook

    How to cook alligator?

    The reason I'm trying to avoid "cajun" recipes is that they tend to be either fried or a stew preparation.  There is a chain (in TX at least) called Razoo's.  While the food is acceptable, it feels like everything is breaded with the same seasonings and fried.  A lot of restaurants that are...
  7. gobblygook

    How to cook alligator?

    I'm specifically trying to avoid "cajun" recipes.  So far, all I'm finding is frying chunks of meat or being part of a stew concoction.  I'm looking for ideas where alligator can be the "star" of the plate.  I'm really doing my research in the wrong order, since I've never actually seen...
  8. gobblygook

    slab bacon

    I'm not sure if my mind-wandering will be useful, but I'll give it a shot. Bacon seems to have two general purposes.  The first is a crispiness that just isn't achieved with other meats, and the second is the fat.  While braising would render a fair amount of the fat, I'm not sure how this...
  9. gobblygook

    Can I wear a Chefs Coat?

    I guarantee you it was a man who modified one and made a "nursing bra".  Where were those in high school?  flop and drop...  
  10. gobblygook


    I've seen fried rice noodles as a garnish for several different Asian-style dishes.  Way back when, Olive Garden made pasta in-house (at least some of it).  When they added the spinach artichoke dip, they used "fried pasta chips" as the item to dip into the dip.  They were actually pretty good. ...
  11. gobblygook

    what is your favrite thig to do when its snows

    One important lesson in the making of snow cream is "do not eat yellow snow".  :) My mom made snow cream with sugar and eggs.  Yeah, raw eggs.  Fortunately, I was too young to realize that I was eating raw eggs. 
  12. gobblygook

    Relate a dish you had before adulthood that really amazed you, maybe you have or have not had it sin

    There's a chain in Texas called Abuelo's.  The food is generally good, but they have a really nice "sweet corn cake" that I could eat by the gallon.  It's nothing spectacular, but quite tasty.
  13. gobblygook

    Wanting to work in a good kitchen - location in US

    FYI, in case it helps anyone.  My "day job" is in IT.  The contract I was on expired in Nov 2007 (just in time for the economy to tank).  I did a few gigs to pay the bills.  I went to St. Louis, San Antonio, and Austin.  There is a chain of hotels called "value place".  I've never had to stay in...
  14. gobblygook

    Wanting to work in a good kitchen - location in US

    I'm in West TN.  I'm about 5 miles outside of "the sticks".   
  15. gobblygook

    Wanting to work in a good kitchen - location in US

    This is possibly one of those mid-life crisis moments, but bear with me. I want to learn to cook GOOD food, preferably Italian.  I would love to learn to butcher meat, clean fish and seafood, the whole nine yards.  I want to learn to cook where the food is great and made from scratch. I have a...
  16. gobblygook

    10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker

    From the link... "Keep in mind that when cooking with unconventional methods, you run the risk of producing sub-par food and maybe exposing yourself to the dangers of undercooked food. " At least they're honest. 
  17. gobblygook

    Now serving: Deep Fried Beer!

    Does the heat evaporate the alcohol?  If so, what's the point?
  18. gobblygook

    What Price Lunch?

    While a lot of restaurants do change the portion sizes, some do not.  I remember ordering shark for lunch and it was so good, I came back for supper that night (they were close to work).  The dinner portion as identical to the lunch portion, but the price was 30% or more higher.  I felt...
  19. gobblygook

    Robert Irvine versus Gordon Ramsay

    I can think of no one that could do the job that Alton does on ICA better than Alton does it.  I'm amazed at what he does during the show.  The "chairman" is a waste of time, IMHO.  I am curious when they will stop with "The Next Iron Chef", because at some point, they'll have all of the talent...
  20. gobblygook

    Robert Irvine versus Gordon Ramsay

    I think Restaurant Impossible tries to do it all too fast.  2 days is absurd, and a $10k budget is also not a great thing.  I like Irvine's behavior better than than Ramsay's.  Irvine isn't being degrading, insulting, etc.  However, Ramsay doesn't set a budget and constrain the "help" provided...
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