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    Duck breast on a bed of sweet potato and leek hash served with 5 spice, ginger and sweet potato sauc

    I cooked this for a job trial, I figured it turned out good so I am pleased with it!
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    What can I make with these ingredients?

    Duck breast (as discussed) Sweet potato Maris piper Spring onion Peppers Coriander , thyme, rosemary Red onion Broccoli Rice Star anise, 5spice, fresh ginger Garlic I have too create something for tuesday, Can anyone help me?
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    Duck recipe to make and present for a jobI have applied for

    I am an apprenticeship chef and currently had an interview in which I am 1/2 successful, I have now too create a duck dish and serve it, I am thinking of something more high quality and unusual but simple however, I was thinking a duck breast served with a sauce (not orange) on a bed of sliced...
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